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Saturday, September 26th, 2020

The Hooligans Agency job in
Washington, DC at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs

Multimedia Designer – The Hooligans Agency – Washington, DC

Company: The Hooligans Agency

Address: Washington, DC

  • Full Time

The Hooligans Agency

About Us

The Hooligans is a new kind of creative agency — innovative, agile, resourceful, and uniquely poised to meet the moment…

Trump created a seismic shift in American politics by bringing entertainment and culture into the political landscape in a completely new way. His surprise victory sent a clear signal that Americans were not only ready, they were demanding that their politics be delivered to them in unconventional and entertaining packages.

The Hooligans Agency was formed to meet this unique inflection point in political communications – one where the lines between culture and politics have been blurred permanently.

Making content that seamlessly blends these two worlds is the beating heart of our creative strategy. We use cultural tropes, original songs, comedy, parody, sentiment, animation, found footage and a LOT of out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity – WHATEVER it takes to disguise the medicine, make content that rises above all the noise and moves audiences to take action.

At a time when film shoots have come to a screeching halt, it’s this scrappy and resourceful approach that enables us to continue making great content for our clients despite the challenges the pandemic presents.

With a very busy year ahead, we’re looking to expand our network of like-minded, freelance, content makers – from both inside and outside the beltway – for a variety of short and long term freelance assignments.

If you’re a forward-thinking Multimedia Designer, and you’re itching to use your skills to further various Democratic and progressive causes – we want to hear from you.

The Role

Our multimedia designers work on a wide range of projects (video/static graphics/audio) including; digital video advertising spots, organic social media content, traditional tv ads, audio, email fundraising programs and everything in between.

In this role you will take the lead on creative and design work, collaborating in a hands-on manner with the Hooligans internal creative team, and our clients.

We’re looking for someone who not only knows how to visually elevate everything they touch, but also how to tell a great story.

Please note this is remote work only.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Someone who believes innovation and strategic thinking should go hand in hand. Different for different sake is not The Hooligan way.
  • An ideator and bluesky creative who knows how to develop several concepts against a creative brief and turn them into content.
  • Adept at straight-up execution. Sometimes it’s just about taking an existing idea and getting it out the door on time. No fuss no muss.
  • Equally comfortable concepting and executing ideas using original footage/assets as you are utilizing “external” source material such as stock, news clips etc.
  • Well-versed in existing and emerging social media platforms, as well as how people consume digital content.
  • A voracious consumer of pop culture, and current affairs.
  • Politically engaged. You don’t have to have direct political experience (though we love that too!) However, you should be motivated and itching to put your skills to use for a variety of Democratic and progressive causes.
  • Nimble and flexible. Projects and deadlines can be unpredictable.
  • Experienced, willing and able to handle a fast-paced, high stakes environment with quick turnaround times.
  • A scrappy and resourceful problem solver who proactively seeks out solutions and workarounds.
  • A self starter who can meet deadlines unsupervised. All work is remote.
  • Able to receive and incorporate constructive feedback. In fact, you might even welcome it!
  • Kind, empathetic, enthusiastic, positive, and intellectually curious.
  • Collaborative. Enjoys playing nicely with others.
  • Willing to go the extra mile.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Either 4-5 years experience in TV, entertainment, video, agency or digital creative roles or 1 political election cycle is required.
  • Comfortable pitching concepts and developing them.
  • As comfortable executing ideas using original footage as you are with stock, news clips and other externally sourced assets.
  • Experience working with short form content, specifically :15s, :30s and 1:00m digital ads.
  • Ability to take complicated subjects and distill them down into simple, bite-sized, digestible concepts.
  • A nimble and open-minded approach. You enjoy trying different approaches, and are comfortable incorporating data and analytics insights into creative refreshes where applicable.
  • Strong QA skills and attention to detail.
  • Comfortable with media management, and file delivery.
  • Experience collaborating with Editors, Producers, and other Designers to tackle technical and design challenges.
  • Seasoned pro in Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator.
  • Comfortable with post production workflows and processes.

Big plus if you have:

  • Motion graphics/animation skills.
  • Experience creating digital ads (video and graphics) for political campaigns or nonprofits.
  • Experience producing multimedia (video/audio/static) for digital ad platforms.
  • Experience creating static graphics and video content for email fundraising programs.
  • UX/UI design experience.
  • Illustration skills.
  • A unique lived experience, or background that you can infuse into your work where applicable.
  • Advanced reading and writing skills in a second language.


Please include a CV, and links to your portfolio, website or reel. However, don’t limit your “professional” content samples to things you THINK we want to see. Show us your range. Give us a sense of your creative scope, imagination and vision. This can literally be anything; a previous work assignment that never saw the light of day, something you created on spec, a purely experimental passion project with no professional utility that you LOVE. Point being, send us anything that shows us WHO YOU ARE.

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