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Monday, April 6th, 2020

Centennial College job in
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Radio Station Manager & Director (Part-time, Contract) – Centennial College – Toronto, ON

Company: Centennial College

Location: Toronto, ON

  • Part Time

Centennial College

Toronto, ON

Part-time, Contract

$34.18 – $45.49 an hour

School of Communications, Media Arts and Design

Part-time, Contract until April 2021

This position requires a highly creative and organized person to manage and direct Centennial College Radio (Internet Radio). This position works with students, program coordinators and faculty, support staff, the Manager of Media Technology Facilities, the Dean, and Centennial Internet Radio advisory committee to plan and execute “Centennial Internet Radio” – the college’s web-based radio station. This person is responsible for at least two major activities:

Station Manager/Program Director:

  • Developing and scheduling content/shows. Working with students, faculty and staff who want to contribute and participate.

Music Director:

  • This position manages the selection and scheduling of all programming. Adhering to college standards and policies


Station Manager/Program Director

  • Assist with 20+ students in the development of talent, preparing for programs and improvement of programs through mentoring.
  • Supervise and approve all programming for the station, as well as seeking out new content for the station.
  • Solicit and evaluate program proposals, while making programming decisions.
  • Work with the 32 program coordinators and within 32 programs to integrate not only the radio station, but to promote to students and stuff the benefits of working with the radio station.
  • Organize training workshops for students and staff on not only how to use the equipment, but how to create and improve programs.
  • Assist in developing promotions for programs and specials.
  • Communicate with volunteers and delegate tasks to assist with the operation of the radio station.
  • Communicate with the community and college community about on and off-air events, and promotion of the radio station.
  • Create programing schedule.
  • Create social media and/or website to promote radio station and schedule content.
  • Ensure compliance with broadcast regulations.
  • Act as a representative for “Centennial Internet Radio.”
  • Ensure programming operates within budget.
  • Communicates and updates Manager of Media Technical Facilities

Music Director

  • Discussing with students programing needs and requirements.
  • Working with students to make decisions in regards to their programs.
  • Helping students learn about music (what can be played vs. what cannot be played).
  • Helping students seek out sources for show material and music.
  • Schedule music and/or programs using “MusicMaster,” while integrating with iMediaTouch (automation software)
  • Decide what type of music can play on the station – i.e. making sure there are clean versions provided if need be, length of songs.
  • Adhering to the quality of standards of music aired, as set forth by the college.
  • Select music to be programed into the station’s automated music system.
  • Adhering with the college’s SOCAN license.
  • Keep a log of what past and future programing.
  • Assist with on-air production (splitters, promotions, etc.).


  • Three (3) year advanced diploma in Broadcasting and Film with completion of radio program component
  • Minimum five (5) years relevant experience, including experience with radio announcing, daily music scheduling, on-air in a large market, and basic radio promotions
  • Strong interpersonal skills with experience, knowledge and understanding of working effectively in a diverse environment
  • Strong conflict resolution skills
  • Computer knowledge of MAC (iOS) & PC
  • Music scheduling software experience
  • Radio automation software experience
  • Client Service
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Leadership
  • Managing people
  • Microsoft Office experience
  • Radio announcing
  • Music programming


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