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Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Take One job in
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Location Support Personnel – Take One – Toronto, ON

Company: Take One

Location: Toronto, ON

  • Full Time

Take One

We are looking to employ location support workers, to work on location on several feature film projects in the coming months. We are looking for hardworking, trust-worthy people with common sense.

Applicants should be very observant and alert. Preference is given to those with access to cars, and cell phones are a necessity.

These will all be legitimate Hollywood projects, and as a location support employee you will work under the umbrella of the DGC (Director’s guild of Canada), which looks out for your rights as a film industry worker.

Your responsibilities would include but not necessarily be limited to: Being alert at all times. Being punctual and responsible. Maintain a polite, personable attitude and working relationship with the crew. Staying at your assigned post, watching film equipment, sets, trailers etc. Keeping the location manager or assistant location managers informed of situations. Securing and maintaining parking for film crew and trucks. Passive crowd control + maintaining a positive presence with the public. Deterring civilians from wandering on to the film set, or getting in the film crew’s way– for their own safety. Assisting police officers in barricading controlled public roads. Setting up and pulling down lunch rooms for the crew Posting flyers, and delivering letters informing an area of an impending shoot

Things you are NOT to do include: Taking pictures or recording video of anything or anyone on the set. Being intoxicated in any way. Leaving your post without informing anyone at any time. Acting anything other than professional.

We recommend this job to anyone who is interested in seeing the inner workings of the film industry.

Some perks for film buffs include: Learning the practical behind the scenes preparation of a big budget film location shoot. Access to the craft truck for free coffee and snacks. Meals when the crew eats or a 15-dollar meal allowance when access to crew food isn’t available. Seeing artists perform , Watching live stunts, explosions, special fx, and generally seeing behind the scenes of blockbusters to come.

As professional film budgets work on a tier-based system, the pay ranges from about $15.00 to $16.55 an hour, and there’s the possibility of making a good amount more if you hit over time. The average shift is 8-12 hours long, and both day and night shifts are available

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $16.00 to $20.00 /hour


  • Toronto, ON (Preferred)

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