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Friday, November 15th, 2019

Technicolor job in
Toronto, ON at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs

Crowd Supervisor – Technicolor – Toronto, ON

Company: Technicolor

Location: Toronto, ON

  • Full Time


Toronto, ON

A rare and exciting position, the Crowd Supervisor needs to have exceptional VFX crowd skills as well as strong organizational, administrative, leadership and excel in communication clarity. The Crowd Supervisor will use their expertise to implement the Director’s specific vision by working closely with the studio Supervisors, Production and Animation teams.

To achieve the highest quality possible within the parameters of production schedules and budgets, the Crowd Supervisor will need to both technically and creatively manage the crowd team, facilitate communication between all levels of production, be flexible, be able to multi-task, trouble-shoot, mentor, motivate and add creative value in all areas including development and design.


  • Strive to create the most realistic motion possible.
  • Facilitate interdepartmental communication, dependencies, and guide problem solving relating to anything Crowds.
  • Anticipate production problems and collaborate with other department peers to identify solutions.
  • Provide input towards the vision of the future direction of technology in maintaining a world-class Crowd pipeline.
  • Develop/oversee any new technology required to efficiently meet the specific creative and technical needs of our shows and studio.
  • Develop pipeline tools and workflows for crowds at both the show and studio levels.
  • Bid shots and formulate presentations of what is need, estimate the cost implication of schedule changes in relation to creative comments.
  • Collaborate and communicate with Supervisors and Producers in order to help ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Training of Junior TD’s and Generalists in crowd specific pipeline disciplines.
  • Troubleshoot creative/technical issues as they arise. Provide hands-on assistance to the Crowd Animators.
  • Supervise motion capture sessions where necessary for show and studio motion libraries.
  • Attend all Crowd dailies and ensure creative direction is clear and through.
  • Lead by example, foster a good working atmosphere and ethics.


MR. X is composed of a unique and gifted team of artists, filmmakers and programmers devoted to the art, craft and technology of visual storytelling. Our talented staff, committed to quality above all else, has achieved some of the most original and photo-realistic visual effects and animation seen on film to date. If you have the imagination, talent and drive, then MR. X is looking for you.


  • 8+ years hands-on digital production experience.
  • Possesses a broad creative skill set that encompasses all facets of a VFX animation production.
  • 4+ years of a proven track record of successfully working in a supervisory capacity on several major productions.
  • Expert understanding of crowd simulation software (Massive, etc…)
  • Excellent understanding of rigging, motion capture and crowd based animation
  • Strong artistic aptitude for crowds and other types of physically based motion.
  • Exercise a high level of focus, communication and knowhow in a fast-paced production environment.
  • Excellent knowledge of Maya.
  • Strong understanding of Motionbuilder.
  • Solid Python / C++ experience desired.
  • Experience building a pipeline a plus.

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