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Friday, December 14th, 2018


Production Crew for National Tour

Website StarQuest International

StarQuest International is a performing arts competition UNLIKE ALL OTHERS. We tour 60+ cities each year and deliver a truly unique experience to young performers. Collectively, we are a team of creative leaders, each with different skills and personalities, who work non-stop together to deliver the best experience possible to anyone we encounter. We are looking for motivated leaders to join our touring Road Warrior team.

What POSITIONS are we looking for?

  • Video Console & Camera Operator: Each tour has 2 video team members onsite, alternating a few times daily between both of these positions. Camera operation is live, fixed center-house tripod shooting. Strong skills in anticipating quick motion and maintaining consistent composition are a MUST. The Video Console portion includes running a live switcher, playing age-appropriate music videos to entertain the audience, and managing the overall quality of the video recordings, among other tasks. Proactivity, multi-tasking, and confidence under time constraints are KEY.


  • Sound Operator/Announcer/DJ: This position is for passionate Sound Operators who have a vast knowledge of age-appropriate music, the ability to learn scripts timed to our customized music, and a positive vocal energy. Comfort interacting with studio owners, calmness under pressure, and consistent accuracy while multi-tasking in time sensitive situations is a MUST!


  • Photographer & Media Center: Each tour has 2 photo/media team members onsite, alternating a few times daily between both of these positions. Photographer is a sports photographer, responsible for capturing the physical peaks and emotional moments throughout each and every performance. These photos immediately get sent to the lobby for on-site viewing, so retouching is not an option, which means a strong eye is a MUST!  Media Center is tech savvy, able to provide effortless guest-services, loves new technology, has an eye for photo/video quality control, and has a knack for sales.  This part of the position is 50% guest services and 50% organizing/choosing videos and photos for consumption within Filemaker Pro.

What QUALITIES do our Road Warriors possess?

·      Innate leadership with prior experience in their field

·      Impeccable logistical and problem-solving skills

·      Strong communication

·      Mastery of time management & multitasking

·      Prior experience working in a fast-paced environment

·      Ability to load in/load out & carry heavy equipment

·      Skill in moving quickly through time and space

·      Ability to work well on little to no sleep (And thrive while doing it!)

·      Sense of humor

What’s in it for YOU?

This is a truly unique experience that will allow you to grow personally & professionally. You’ll work side by side with people who love what they do, and who strive to find the best way to overcome obstacles and accomplish a common goal. It is challenging, yet extremely rewarding. With this type of work and schedule, you will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to evaluate your own skills and grow to your fullest potential.




We are hiring in 4 locations across the country by appointment only in November and December. We will not be conducting Skype interviews at this time, so please do not apply unless you are available to attend interviews in person and able to travel from New York, NY; Chicago, Illinois; Orlando, Florida or Raleigh, North Carolina throughout the season.


Mandatory Training for all Road Warriors in Raleigh, NC:

·      Sound, Camera & Console: January 11 – 20, 2019

**Travel, pay, & lodging provided


Tour Dates:

·      January 24th – May 27th, 2019 (Excluding April 18th – April 22nd).

**Most weeks you will travel to the event on Thursday early morning and return home on Monday afternoon


Additional Details:

-Positions have no union jurisdiction

-Competitive pay with seasonal and yearly increases

-Travel, food/per diem, & double occupancy lodging provided on the road


Want to embark on this journey with us?

Please go to the website below and enter the password: Warrior1 (This password is case sensitive). Here you will find detailed job descriptions and pay rates.


To apply for this job please visit