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Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Veritext Legal Solutions job in
San Francisco, CA at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs

Bay Area California- Digital Court Reporter – Veritext Legal Solutions – San Francisco, CA

Company: Veritext Legal Solutions

Address: San Francisco, CA

  • Full Time

Veritext Legal Solutions

Job Description:
The Digital Reporter Welcome Program introduces the profession of digital reporting through practical and hands-on exposure, as well as ongoing support through loaner equipment and software. The Program is at no cost to qualified participants, and on average lasts 8 weeks and requires approximately 16 days of on location sessions.

Upon successful completion of the Program, qualified Digital Reporters will have the opportunity to work as an independent contractor. An active contract would include:

Ongoing offering of paid work assignments in an individual market.

Ongoing tech support during company work assignments.

Official recommendation for industry certifications (as desired, certification is not required for digital reporter contract work)

Work Description

The role of a Digital Reporter is to capture and preserve the verbatim record of a deposition, examination under oath or other court proceeding by performing three main functions:

Create a clear and complete quality audio recording of the proceeding;

Create accurate and detailed annotations of case events and terminology to serve as a guide for the transcriptionist; and

Manage the proceedings as an independent arbiter of the record.

Digital reporters are independent contractors and can work as little or as frequently as they like. Earnings are influenced by the complexity of the proceeding, geographic region, experience level as well as the number of hours available to work. Digital reporters are primarily paid in half and full day increments, and average compensation across the US ranges from $100 to $130 for 4 hours.

Qualification and Skill Requirements

High School or GED required

English speaking, reading and writing fluency required

Able to effectively prioritize and meet deadlines

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Courteous and professional demeanor

Good problem-solving abilities

Strong sense of discretion

Professional, Punctual and Presentable

Typing speed of at least 40 wpm with a high rate of accuracy

Able to learn new hardware and software

Mental and Physical Requirements

Focus and attention to detail is required


Ability to sit still for long periods of times without interrupting

Ability to listen and follow directions

Ability to maintain concentration with frequent time pressures

Ability to lift 20 to 25 pounds

Ability to hear and perceive the nature of sounds at a normal level

Working Environment and Conditions

Working within an indoor environment, may include court setting, around equipment, including but not limited to computers, work stations, video and audio equipment.

“Highly Desirable” Qualifications and Skills:
Associate Degree in Legal Studies or related field

Associate Degree in Electronics, Communications or military equivalent

2+ years” experience as a paralegal or legal secretary

Familiarity with legal documents and terminology

Knowledge of the US civil deposition processes

Prior videographer experience

Knowledge of professional audio & video equipment

Typing speed of 60 wpm with a high rate of accuracy

Job Advertisement:
If you are looking for a meaningful career in a high demand industry, digital reporting might be for you. Are you intrigued by legal proceedings? Would you be comfortable as an officiant among attorneys and witnesses? Can you keep a low profile and confidently manage a proceeding”s flow? Does managing audio recording devices and taking digital notes about legal witness testimony in this capacity interest you? If your answers are yes, apply now to learn more about opportunities to become a Digital Reporter.

This is a great alternate opportunity for individuals in the legal services industry; such as Law Clerks, Legal Assistants, Paralegals and Legal Videographers. It is also well suited for Transcriptionists and a good opportunity for veterans.

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