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Monday, October 21st, 2019

160over90 job in
Philadelphia, PA at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs

Producer – 160over90 – Philadelphia, PA

Company: 160over90

Location: Philadelphia, PA

  • Full Time


Job Description

The Producer is responsible for the planning and execution coordination of all television, video and radio materials, as well as the management of events through third-party vendors. The Producer will work within the established purchasing procedures established by the Operations department of 160over90 for all talent, assets, and services.


  • Manage planning, execution and delivery of videos, radio spots
  • Develop and mange budgets for each of the deliverables listed above;
  • Develop requirements, including fire types, sizes, and delivery formats;
  • Determine what services and projects to keep in-house, and which to outsource;
  • Source and book talent (i.e., directors, editors, animators, models, stylists, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, prop stylists, set designer, photographers);
  • Source and book production resources (i.e. external producers, researches, legal council) when necessary;
  • Negotiate fees for talent, production services, usage rights, props, and locations;
  • Oversee shot list and shoot schedule development, travel coordination, shoot setup, on-site coordination, and permits;
  • Coordinate and oversee recording sessions, edits, scout delays, and shoots;
  • File trafficking and delivery;
  • Maintain Archives of Final Spots on the Agency server;
  • Work with outside vendor and client to develop and managing budget;
  • Maintain relationship with vendors and content library owners (i.e. Corbis, Getty, DG, Fast Channel, etc.);
  • Ensure that all assets have been legally obtained and are used within the rules of their purchased license;
  • Develop and maintain organized database of available audio and video resources (i.e. production houses, directors, editors, script writers, etc.);
  • Ensure that all official paperwork is in place for outside vendors;
  • Administer all production related paperwork, suck as developing client estimates, vendor agreements, and purchase orders, as we well as reconciliation of expenses and invoices

160/90 is subject to certain governmental record keeping and reporting requirements. In order to comply with those requirements, we invite you to voluntarily self-identify your gender and race/ethnicity. Submission of this form is voluntary, and refusal to provide it will not affect your opportunity for employment, or terms or conditions of employment. The information you provide will be kept confidential and may only be used in accordance with applicable law. The form will be kept separate from your employment application, and from your personnel records, if you are hired.

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