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Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Columbia University job in
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Project Manager – Columbia University – New York, NY

Company: Columbia University

Location: New York, NY

  • Full Time

Columbia University

The Project Manager will work closely with the Director and INCITE Associate Director to supervise the conduction of 150 hours of interview. Specifically, the Project Manager will oversee the creation and maintenance of a database tracking progress on interviews with narrators, and work with an office assistant to coordinate the workflow with other interviewers.

  • The Project Manager will also work with INCITE Associate Director producing regular narrative progress reports.
  • The Project Manager will also be responsible for the supervision of a video crew to film up to 40 hours of videotaped interview, working with them on scheduling, production and deliverables. The Project Manager will work with the office assistant in the final processing and preparation of 150 hours of interviews for submission into the archive, and direct a staff project coordinator to do editorial work to prepare interviews for submission.
  • The Project Manager will also be responsible for conducting up to 54 hours of interview during the project’s 18 month duration, including all background biographical research associated with the individual interviews.
  • Performs related duties & responsibilities as assigned/requested.


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