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Thursday, May 28th, 2020

EGD Collective job in
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Intern – Various Positions (Remote) – EGD Collective – New York, NY

Company: EGD Collective

Location: New York, NY

  • Internship

EGD Collective

About EGD: The EGD Collective is a nonprofit organization dedicated to removing barriers in games communities and making the industry a more accessible academic and career opportunity for all. EGD supports casual gaming communities, as well as aspiring and early-career games professionals by powering public-facing student-led organizations on state college and university campuses. EGD chapters provide free events, educational programming, and support systems to help students navigate through academic, financial, and emotional crises – ensuring students can complete their education and are prepared to establish healthy workplace boundaries.

Who we are: We’re a crazy mix of gamers, activists, social workers, educators, academics, artists, writers, musicians, programmers… we even have a neuroscientist. Our home-base is NYC, but we’re ready to take on the nation.

About the position: To help students affected by the loss of opportunities, and because we’ve successfully moved all operations online – we are taking on more interns than normal for summer at EGD. While our internships are currently only for credit, we hope you are able to use the opportunity to learn and get your foot in the door! We’re looking for students interested in marketing (social media, advertising, sales, PR, sponsorships), journalism/writing, creative (graphic design, video editing, content creation), community management, and general business/operations. These positions are not restricted by class standing or major – as long as you qualify to get academic credit through your major department, you can be considered. Those who are interested but are no longer in college, or unable to get credit, may inquire about volunteer opportunities.

Who are you: Maybe you’re just curious about this newfangled booming industry called esports. Maybe you’ve called yourself a gamer your entire life. Maybe you haven’t. To us, by simply being interested in games, you are already a gamer. From League of Legends to Monopoly, Tamagotchis to Twister, Dungeons & Dragons to chess… you get the picture. Whether you’re a hitscan DPS, play backgammon with your grandfather, or you learned what crippling debt is at the hands of Tom Nook, you’re great.

In general we look for self-driven people who are not afraid to sell themselves – tell us all the cool things you’ve been working on, or what you love to do. We run a diverse community and have very close ties to the industry, so we need people who can talk to people. For creatives, people skills are less essential, but are always a plus. We weigh your eye for design more. And whatever you use to create is fine by us! Maybe you have godly MS Paint skills. We don’t judge.

In this time of remote operations, we’ll be looking for people who are able to self-direct. We have virtual office hours – so you can always ask us questions. But if you find it easy to take direction and then work on your own, that will be an asset. We also look for people who believe in our mission to democratize games – and that no matter your place within gaming, we all contribute and have the power (and responsibility) to do right by games, the people that make them, and the people that play them.

It’s also a startup environment. We’re all young and don’t take ourselves too seriously in the day-to-day, but when it’s go time, its go time. Working in a startup can be really fun, and you get to contribute significantly to projects – but they have less structure than a traditional company. If that sounds like the sort of space you’re looking for or are interested in experiencing, great!

Still reading? Send in that resume. Make sure to tell us what division you’re applying for.

Job Type: Internship

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote


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This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Innovative — innovative and risk-taking
  • People-oriented — supportive and fairness-focused
  • Team-oriented — cooperative and collaborative


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