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Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

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Comedic Webseries Seeks Crew for Two Shoot Dates this July (Greenwich Village, New York)

Company: Webseries

Location: NYC

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I am seeking three crew positions for 2 short episodes of a comedic web-series I plan on directing/producing in Manhattan for mid July (Likely Saturday July 13 and Wednesday July 17th) over 2 shoot days (The episodes are 5-7 minutes each).

This going to be a fairly low budget shoot. However it will only be during daylight hours and I don’t anticipate long days (a few characters, 3 locations total over 2 days). I want to keep things light-hearted and as enjoyable as possible.

Please send me any footage showing your past work, and resume. I am open to those with less experience if they are hungry/passionate.

I am seeking the following positions:
1) DP (editing skills as well is a HUGE bonus.) – $100 per shoot day & Food/Transportation/Credit (can throw in more for a flat rate possibly if you edit too)
2) Location Sound/Audio – $100 per shoot day & Food/Transportation/Credit
3) Production Assistant- Food/Transportation/Credit (summer film students, welcome!)

Just a note for DP/Sound- we don’t currently have any equipment so anyone that has their own gets a huge leg-up. Please mention if you have equipment and what type of you do.

-Alan Barr

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