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Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Apprenticeship job in
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Cameras & Lights: Not just an "Internship" – more an "Apprenticeship" (East Village)

Company: Apprenticeship

Location: NYC

  • Internship



I’m a Director of Photography + Producer/Director who is involved with many projects. Once in a while I take on an apprentice or two and teach them my craft. This is not about you getting the coffee. This is about working with cameras, lights, sound, green screen, drones, how to produce and work with people, and more.

Projects include feature films, web series, music videos, corporate shoots and more. Most of the grunt work are small projects.

You’ll receive a great education, and you’ll learn far more practical items than you would at any university. When budgets allow, I also make sure my apprentices are paid for paid shoots (based on your level of abilities). But note that this, in general, is a NON-paid, educational situation.

The kind of cameras I own & operate include RED Dragon, Sony FS7 and more. The goal should be that you want to learn and get a deep understanding about Cameras and Lighting, with sound and other practical on-set production learning as well.

Write me a SHORT note, letting me know who you are:

1 – Background/ experience in filmaking. If you’re familiar with any cameras, which ones? Any other relevant experience? I’m not looking for you to be an expert, just trying to get an initial sense of who you are.

Definitely also include:

2 – Your weeks schedule – what is your availability? Please be DETAILED about this. What’s your availability to go on shooting days/nights – weekdays and weekends.

3 – Where are you currently living? (ei: Brooklyn, New Jersey, etc). My studio is in the East Village so most shoots start/end there with packing up and dropping off gear.

4 – An email address and any other ways to contact you (phone). If you have any links to videos, websites, etc then include them.

I’ll be setting up times to meet people right away, possibly even just asking you to come down to a set and meet you on a setup.

Thank you and good luck!

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