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Sunday, July 12th, 2020

National Football League job in
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NFL Films Fall 2020 Internship – National Football League – Mount Laurel, NJ

Company: National Football League

Address: Mount Laurel, NJ

  • Internship

National Football League


Winner of 129 Emmy Awards, NFL FILMS is widely recognized as the most honored filmmaker in sports and is credited with revolutionizing the way America watches football and sports in general. Each year NFL FILMS produces more than 600 hours of new NFL programming for NFL Network, ESPN, HBO, Showtime, all major broadcast and numerous cable networks,, and content-streaming platforms. Additionally, NFL FILMS provides audio/visual and engineering support for other divisions of the NFL.

The NFL FILMS Internship Program is a paid opportunity. Participants in the program have the chance to experience one of the most unique learning environments in the television and film industries. The NFL FILMS Internship Program is known for offering a hands-on approach to learning. Our award-winning staff is willing to assist and mentor those individuals with a serious desire to further their studies and achieve their career goals. Incorporated into the internship program are seminars that cover topics such as navigating the unique employment landscape in this industry, the importance of networking, freelancing, and Q & A sessions with executives and former interns. Additionally, we provide time for interns to observe and experience all phases of our operations in film and video production as well as the opportunity to work on one’s own project to upgrade his or her skills and demo reel.

While we provide time for interns to observe and experience all phases of our operations in film and video production, the NFL FILMS Internship Program is not a rotational experience. Interns are assigned to (1) department for the duration of their internship. There are several departments within NFL FILMS that offer internship opportunities. A description of each department can be found below. Please thoroughly read through each department description before selecting your area of interest in our application. Based on an applicant’s stated interest, course of study and experience, we will assign an intern to spend the majority of his or her time in one of those departments.

*Please Note: NFL FILMS does not offer internships in the areas of on-air talent, live event broadcasting, business of sports, sport management, advertising, or public relations.*

Current college students may participate in the NFL FILMS Internship Program for academic credit. However, receipt of academic credit is entirely dependent upon the policies of the university and is the responsibility of the student.

Complete the online application and questionnaire. When prompted, please upload BOTH cover letter and resume.



Application deadline: April 17
Interviews Held: May /June

Offers Made: June
Program Start Date: Monday, August 17, 2020

Program End Date: Friday, February 12, 2021

Applications must be submitted by APRIL 17. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.


NFL FILMS is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2020 internship program (August 17, 2020 – February 12, 2021). Applicants must be available for the duration of the internship session, at least three full-days a week from Monday through Friday (Full days = 8 hours; Half days are not available for most positions). This internship is open to current college students and recent college graduates only. Acceptance is contingent upon the outcome of a standard background investigation. The program is designed as an educational experience for qualified individuals.


Please thoroughly read through each department description before selecting your area of interest in our application.


This department is appropriate for individuals interested in a career in graphic design for broadcast whose focus is specifically on 3D motion graphic design. An intern in this department will gain valuable experience and the ability to upgrade their skills while working with our staff artists. Interns will be exposed to all aspects of the department including designing their own Cinema 4D and After-Effects projects. Additionally, students will be working with our artists on projects in Photoshop and Illustrator; motion graphics design; 3D modeling, lighting, texturing, animation and rendering; motion and timing; typography; composition; and color theory. Preference is given to those students that have 3D or After-Effects experience, competency in Illustrator, Photoshop, and a passion for 3D motion graphic design.


This department is appropriate for those individuals interested in obtaining a career in post-production audio, television studio mixing and/or location recording and mixing. Interns in the Audio department will be exposed to all aspects of audio undertaken by NFL Films. Interns will work with our audio mixers gaining knowledge of audio operations on our shooting stage during live shoots, including setup, troubleshooting, wiring talent, and assisting the studio mixer. Interns will also be exposed to our Sound Transfer department and gain experience with equipment used to transfer our 40+ years of audio from various analog formats to digital files, locating audio clips for various productions, and archiving radio calls from NFL games. In addition, interns will be given numerous opportunities to observe and occasionally assist our award-winning mixers with talent voice-over recording sessions, sound design, on location recording and post-production mixing sessions. Priority is given to those individuals studying the art of Audio and all interns will be expected to learn the Fairlight Xynergi DAW, which is used extensively throughout the Audio department.


This department is appropriate for those individuals looking for a career as a Director of Photography or Cinematographer. Interns will work with our Emmy Award-winning cinematographers, gaining knowledge of and experience with high-definition cameras; learning proper care, maintenance, and handling of HD equipment from our extensive inventory, and acquiring real world experience working side-by-side with our crews in the field for various shoots. Interns will gain knowledge on how to light and shoot NFL Films-style productions and will be given time to light and shoot in various situations, while receiving feedback from our Cinematographers. Students interested in working in this department should have a working knowledge of on-location film production and equipment.


This department is appropriate for those individuals interested in a career as a technical Editor (online and final edit) or Colorist for post-production. Interns in this department will work with our Editors and Graders and learn all aspects of the video post-production environment at NFL Films. Interns will gain knowledge of how we assemble, color correct, and finish/deliver content to our broadcast partners. Whether it be documentaries both short and long form, b-roll and sound pieces for various studio live shows, as well as several other deliverables (trailers, social media posts, etc.), interns will work with all of NFL Films’ productions in their final stages of completion. Preference will be given to those with experience with the full Adobe Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop) and Da Vinci Resolve. Interns interested in creative editing (storytelling) should apply to the Creative Producing position offered in this application.


This department is appropriate for those individuals interested in a career as a writer, editor or in a producing role involving the creative content of a show. Interns in this department will work with our Emmy Award-winning Producers and learn all aspects of the NFL FILMS style of storytelling. Producers at NFL FILMS are responsible for the content of the entire production from conception of the story, including researching footage, conducting interviews, scripting narration to graphic elements, and the final edit and audio mix. Interns will observe and learn about all facets of the producing position, including researching the history of a player, team, or story; editing; logging interviews, game footage, and radio calls; and on-location and in-house shoots. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to our high-profile programming. Preference is given to those individuals with an understanding of editing software and an interest in telling football stories.


This department is appropriate for individuals interested in a creative career in digital media, video editing, and storytelling. Interns in this field will assist with the day-to-day operations of the NFL Films social media platforms. The team is responsible for promoting weekly shows, making creative use of archival footage, and crafting new video content to enforce the NFL Films brand on social media. The intern will learn how to tell a story with a quick video runtime and limited wordcount, while capturing the audience’s attention and interpreting analytics to curate future content. The intern will assist with tracking the growth of each platform and finding new creative ways to be in the conversation of world news and football news. Preference is given to students who have an understanding of the digital world. Experience with non-linear editing software is preferred. Candidates must have a desire to keep up with the fast-moving pace of social media. Fluency across multiple social media platforms is required


This is not a news, broadcast, advertising, or public relations assignment. This internship is appropriate for individuals who are interested in utilizing their technical editing knowledge, while expanding their research and communication skills. The National Football League holds the rights to all NFL footage and this department is responsible for compiling and disseminating that footage to companies who have a licensing agreement with the NFL. The intern assigned to this department will assist in researching and gathering material for outside television networks, NFL teams, news stations, and movies/television shows requiring NFL footage. Utilizing our in-house search and database systems, this department chooses aesthetically appropriate shots based on the request to be filled and creates a compilation reel for each job. Interns will also assist the department in completing the department’s additional daily tasks. Individuals requesting this position must have prior editing experience. Knowledge of Adobe Premiere is preferred. This is a video-based position.


This internship is appropriate for someone pursuing a career in intellectual property law in the Sports or Entertainment fields. Interns will have the unique opportunity to be a liaison between NFL Films and the National Football League’s in-house counsel by evaluating clearance issues surrounding third party materials incorporated into various NFL Films’ productions. Main responsibilities include reviewing, drafting, and negotiating legal agreements with outside vendors and agents. Agreements include third party vendors, narration and talent, locations, and equipment rentals. Responsibilities also include utilizing and maintaining all legal contracts through our Contract Management System. Individuals for this position should be self-driven, work well in a team environment, detailed, extremely organized, and seek to tackle every assignment with the same level of determination. Preference will be given to students currently enrolled in law school.


This internship is appropriate for someone interested in the field of intellectual property, research, and post-production in the sports television world. As an intern, you will have hands-on experience researching and fulfilling requests submitted by Producers to acquire third party footage & photos to be used in NFL Films’ productions. Interns will work closely with Producers, Post-Production Scheduling, New Media, Legal, and Project Managers while acquiring and licensing materials for various projects based on set deadlines and budgets. This involves researching various photos or footage Producers would like to find for possible inclusion in their shows, communicating with the various departments to get the materials through the system, and following through to finalize and file paperwork (agreements, purchase orders, invoices, etc.) Individuals for this position must have good communications skills to work with many vendors via phone and email, be extremely organized, and be able to work on many projects at one time with calm composure. Interns in this position must be self-motivated and be able to work well independently as well as part of a team. This is an office-based/coordination position.


This department is appropriate for those individuals interested in obtaining a career as a Production Coordinator or Production Manager. Interns working in the Field Operations department will gain valuable insight into television production by working on all aspects of production specifically from a logistical perspective. Interns will work closely with Production Managers and Producers on a variety of NFL Films shows. A successful intern will assist in making crew calls, on-boarding new crew hires, obtaining filming permits, handling travel arrangements, ordering grip trucks, etc. This person will also help coordinate the production schedule each week. When appropriate, opportunities will be given to observe and assist our productions on-location. Individuals applying for this position should have a basic understanding of film and television production, as well as excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills.


This department is appropriate for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the management of creative projects from a budgetary and resource management standpoint. The intern will shadow a project manager and observe how productions are budgeted, planned and executed. They will take a larger role in the daily office tasks needed to manage various budgets, which includes but not limited to: the administrative duties of processing timecards & invoices, creating wrap binders, working in the Purchase Order system and reviewing expense reports. A successful candidate will be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, be extremely organized and is a self-motivator. A basic understanding of the process and equipment used in television and film production as well as a basic business knowledge are preferred.


This department is appropriate for those individuals interested in a career as a Production Coordinator or a Talent Coordinator. They are responsible for scheduling and coordinating shoots and interviews for NFL Films programming and works closely our Producers, Directors, Field Operations personnel, and Production Managers. Responsibilities include maintaining databases and calendars, coordinating travel for interviews at NFL Films or remote locations, and preparing and disseminating paperwork to all involved in the shoot. Establishing and strengthening relationships with is a key goal of this department. A strong knowledge of current and former NFL players is required for this position. Preference is given to those individuals who are highly organized, work well in a team atmosphere, and have outstanding communication skills.


This internship is appropriate for those individuals looking for a technical career in a television studio. Technical positions involved in this internship include Technical Directing, Audio, Graphics, Lighting, Camera and Audio/Visual Engineering. Our shooting stages serve two main functions and interns in this department will have exposure to all aspects of both: A live television production studio and a shooting stage. Interns will gain valuable experience alongside our crews in the studio, control rooms, tape room, video shading, teleprompter, Engineering, etc. In addition, they will have the chance to experience ENG shoots (commercials, corporate videos, and film-style shoots), which involve grips, electricians, prop artists, and various cameras. Interns will have an opportunity to get hands-on experience with equipment in the studio and will leave this internship with a well-rounded base of knowledge. Preference is given to those students that have a general understanding of studio production and technical experience in a studio setting.

This internship is appropriate for individuals looking for a career producing a live television studio show. Interns will report directly to the show’s Coordinating Producer and work daily with Producers and other production crew. Interns will experience the creative production process that goes into getting a live weekly show on the air. Responsibilities include gathering show topics, researching and logging footage of weekly press conferences, assisting in the editing of pre-produced segment content, and coordinating live, interactive social media initiatives during air. Preference is given to those individuals looking to pursue a career in live or broadcast television production; experience with ENPS is a plus. This internship position is based at NFL Films in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.

“Good Morning Football” is broadcast from New York City and interns work on-site in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

Work Locations: NJ Mount Laurel – NFL Office One NFL Plaza Mount Laurel 08054

Worker Type: Employee

Person Type: Intern

Assignment Category: Part-Time Temporary

Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree

Job Posting: Feb 24, 2020, 8:26:02 PM

Application Deadline: Ongoing

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