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Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Warner Bros Careers job in
Burbank, CA at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs

Script Clearance Analyst – Warner Bros Careers – Burbank, CA

Company: Warner Bros Careers

Location: Burbank, CA

Warner Bros Careers

Warner Bros. Pictures seeks a Script Clearance Analyst for the Theatrical Production Script department. Conducts research and analysis of theatrical scripts to evaluate use of copyrighted and trademarked materials and/or products, invasion of privacy, defamation and rights of publicity, and other legal requirements of material contained in theatrical films such as names, places, artwork, locations, signage, props etc. In consultation with the Director of Production Clearance & Permissions and the production attorney, determines need to obtain permission for all of the foregoing and negotiates same, interprets third party licenses, prepares privileged memorandum advising production personnel, production attorney and Warner Bros. executives on clearance and related issues. Performs other duties as required, including research and obtaining acceptable alternatives for production when clearance is not possible.

  • Reviews theatrical scripts, books, articles, source materials, and independent research from multiple sources and databases in support of preparation of initial script reports, revised script reports, defamation reports, character charts, memos to production, and other pertinent documents to identify and clearly communicate potential legal claims including defamation, right to publicity, copyright and trademark infringement, product tarnishment, etc. to project attorneys, production executives, production, and other WB personnel.
  • Initiates and conducts meetings with production to ensure WB guidelines and policies are clearly communicated in order to manage expectations during filming. Communicates with various production departments on a daily basis to anticipate schedule changes, provide alternative cleared materials at a moment’s notice, and essentially ensure production’s creative satisfaction.
  • Tracks all outstanding clearance issues from pre-production through release of film on Home Entertainment until all are resolved to WB Legal satisfaction. Provides necessary follow up of outstanding issues through to resolution.
  • Negotiates various licenses and releases with various agencies, corporations, artist representatives, etc. for the use of copyrighted and/or trademarked materials such as film clips, books, artwork, prints, photos, products, logos, props, company names and other similarly protected items. Insures each license properly addresses essential terms and protections.
  • Monitors dailies to ensure changes have been made as instructed and to review unscripted material for timely discussion with Vice President of department and WB attorneys to address accordingly.
  • Independently assists, coordinates, and provides clearance guidance and project history to Ad/pub, Consumer Productions, Home Video, and other WB departments as necessary. Reviews proposed trailers for identification of issues that are legally appropriate for movie though prudent to avoid in advertising. Reviews and provides input on deleted and extended content for Home Entertainment and ad/pub.
  • Reviews early cut(s) of film to determine outstanding issues and identify new issues to tract in writing for production and studio. Collaborates with Post Production to clear 3rd party footage, facilitate VFX clearance requests, and other Post clearance needs to ensure all issues ultimately addressed to Legal satisfaction.
  • Repeats steps 1 – 7 above for re-shoots, pickups, additional photography, that occurs on almost every project.
  • Performs other assignments as requested.

What do we require from you?

  • College degree required.
  • 3-5 years related experience including studio script clearance, licensing, and other contract related and/or legal work.
  • Knowledge of copyright, right of privacy, plagiarism, and other laws sufficient to review properties and determine the degree of conformance with laws, preferred.
  • Analytical skills required to prepare reports pointing out possible problem areas.
  • Knowledge of industry practices in the production of films.
  • Must have strong negotiation skills.
  • Must have the ability to work well under extreme time constraints.