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Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

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Oscar bait short film needs producer (Los Angeles)

Company: Production

Location: LA

  • Full Time


20-minute science fiction short film needs you to raise its $51,450.00 budget and steer production to an ahead of time, under budget conclusion. No spaceships or aliens, just an extraordinary robot who looks human, and what happens to him next. Quiet, emotional, meditative film. Strong Kubrick touches but overall Japanese anime feel. Please note this film is live action.

No star names but lead actor was known in the Nineties. All newcomers but a film that will sweep the festivals and could get in line for a Best Short Oscar. We will very likely get at least a nomination. But that’s good, right?

Director is female and Japanese with high affect autism. (I function perfectly, but I can’t handle large crowds and I tend to get stuck on minutiae and want visuals “my way”.) I am told I dress like Amelie but think and behave like Stanley Kubrick. I’m friendly but very quiet. If you can deal with someone like this who has directed before and won an award and you like the idea of a robot film, let’s make one.

Ask any question and thank you for reading. Script is available but please sign an NDA first.

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