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Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

New York Film Academy job in
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Orientation Leader – New York Film Academy – Burbank, CA

Company: New York Film Academy

Location: Burbank, CA

  • Full Time

New York Film Academy

The New York Film Academy’s Student Life Department seeks to hire friendly and dynamic students to be Orientation Leaders. Orientation Leaders welcome new students and increase their sense of belonging by guiding and introducing them to the New York Film Academy during Registration and Orientation. The ideal Orientation Leader is a current student or recent alumni, has positive energy, enjoys talking to new people from diverse backgrounds, can learn new information quickly, gets energized by being around others, is comfortable leading, and accepts feedback well. A strong candidate is great at building relationships, passionate about making others feel welcome and included, and be eager to complete tasks large or small all in service to supporting new students.


  • Greet and guide new students as they arrive to Registration, guiding them to their next location, answering questions, and encouraging participation in social events and student organizations.

  • Assist with administrative paperwork such as registration documents, Burbank Studios badge requests, and more.

  • Support Photo Department with administrative tasks related to students taking their badge photos.

  • Welcome new students during Orientation by accompanying campus tours, facilitating conversations during lunch, encouraging participation in social events, guiding students through their agenda, and fielding students’ questions to be answered by the appropriate staff.

  • Refer students to the appropriate resource or staff to answer common questions during Registration, Orientation, and the first week of classes.

  • Collaborate with the Director of Student Life and designated to suggest and implement improvements to Orientation to ensure new student engagement and community building.

  • Facilitate a small group conversation with 15-25 students on student involvement, leadership, and diversity.

  • Lead icebreakers and activities to energize students throughout Orientation.

  • Support with set up, break down, and running of Orientation events.

  • Relay feedback from students and identify areas of improvement to enhance Registration and Orientation.

  • Initiate duties to promote new student engagement on campus.

  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Current student in their second or later semester or alumni.

  • 3.0 or higher GPA and in good standing with the New York Film Academy.

  • Must be available for training dates, likely weekday evenings 7pm and a Saturday.

  • Must be available Orientation week, September 16th-20th. Also seeking alumni who can work during Registration, September 11th-13th and the first week of classes, September 23rd-27th.

  • Enthusiasm for welcoming new students and representing the New York Film Academy.


  • Foundational knowledge of diversity and inclusion.

  • Experience in a leadership role or facilitating conversations.


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