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Monday, October 21st, 2019

SPACES, Inc. job in
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Location Based Entertainment Technical Deployment Specialist – SPACES, Inc. – Inglewood, CA

Company: SPACES, Inc.

Location: Inglewood, CA

  • Full Time


The power of virtual reality and mixed reality make it possible to take anyone anywhere, and SPACES Inc. is bringing that power to a bold new era of VR-enabled theme parks and attractions. SPACES boasts one of the most accomplished teams in the VR industry, with artists, designers and programmers from film, television, video games, visual effects, theme parks and animation – all eager to explore the limitless new horizons of VR and mixed reality. We have created VR experiences where guests could be fully immersed in a world with cutting edge game play and haptics. Now we are looking for talented and enthusiastic leaders to take our guests on an adventure they will never forget.



In collaboration with internal team leads, plan and document all technical aspects of deployments, including:

  • Specifications for all attraction equipment (client, C&C, BOH/operator)
  • Procurement schedule for attraction equipment
  • Manage 3rd party supplier technical relationship
  • Procurement reference materials (ie SKUs, links to order, etc.)
  • Distribution/layout of equipment in attraction space
  • Calculate electrical loads on a per-circuit basis across installation layout (or collect electrical load-related specifications in a format to send to ME)
  • Create disk images for all servers and client computers
  • Create wiring diagrams for all low-voltage components in a format to share with contractors (HDMI, ethernet)
  • Plot server racks (documenting layout of components with U sizes, etc. in a format to share with contractors)
  • Optitrack camera layout
  • Cabling labelling schema
  • Technical installation tasks, milestones, and scheduling


  • Manage contractors and internal staff with clear direction to accomplish pre-defined installation tasks on schedule and to spec
  • Work with LBE engineer to install and calibrate Optitrack system and program RGBs
  • Install disk images for servers and client computers
  • Lead team in troubleshooting issues arising from networking, tracking, integration of physical components/effects, and others
  • Spec additional/alternative equipment if necessary
  • Document progress and issues
  • Provide up-to-date clear written documentation for operation of various system components in collaboration with QA and LBE engineer


  • Communicate with operations and technical attraction staff to troubleshoot issues in real time
  • Work with internal team leads to identify areas for improvement and to triage bug fixes


  • This role requires greater than 50% of your time traveling to locations around the world, often high profile tourist destinations where you will be staying onsite. The duration of the trip can last from 1 week to 1 month each trip.
  • Some installations may require non-standard work schedule for example night shift.
  • Familiarity with location based VR tracking systems, Optitrack, Vicon
  • Software: Word, Excel, CAD, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Visio
  • Game Engine: Unity, Unreal
  • Programming a plus: c#, c++
  • Scripting a plus: Python, JavaScript


SPACES is led by CEO Shiraz Akmal and CTO Brad Herman, VR pioneers who previously oversaw virtual reality development at DreamWorks Animation. Leading investors in SPACES include Songcheng Performance Development Co. Ltd., with whom it operates a $30-million theme-park joint venture in China; Comcast Ventures, the venture-capital affiliate of Comcast Corporation; and Youku Global Media Fund, among others.

You can learn more about SPACES by reading recent news articles about our work and our vision:

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