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Film Crew Needed for “Coming Out” Short Directors Producers Sound etc (Los Angeles)

Film Crew job in LA

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Hey creatives I am a writer/ creative director/ and producer. Being that it is pride month I have a couple of shorts that I wanted to shoot in honor of pride and I am seeking other creatives anxious and qualified to create content with their names on it. There is no pay but there will be food. Hopefully some will be open to forming a creative team. The time is now. I need directors, dps, sound, producer, editors, lighting the whole 9 these are small productions but big stories. Here are a couple of my shorts I’ve written hope to hear from you. If you have equipment you are God sent. Trying to get these filmed ASAP. Meet this coming week and hopefully film this coming weekend. If you are interested please email me with what you do and some of you work and let collab!!! [Read more]


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