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Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Framestore job in
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Runner Development Programme – Immersive – Framestore – London WC2A

Company: Framestore

Location: London WC2A

  • Full Time


London WC2A

We are looking for runners with an interest and experience in Realtime technology including Unreal and Unity engines to join the team.

What is a Runner?

Runners are essential to the smooth running of Framestore as a business. Whether they are providing assistance to our clients and employees, ensuring that our facilities and meeting spaces are clean and tidy, delivering messages or sourcing resources for our teams or simply making a cup of tea, our Runners are integral to everything we do.

Take a look at this [] video and our

Periscope [] profile to hear some of our past and present Runners talking about their experiences.

Do I need a related qualification?

There is no requirement to have a formal qualification to be a Runner at Framestore. All of our Runners are able to demonstrate that they understand the basics of creating digital images (whether that’s visual effects, motion graphics, virtual reality experiences or others) by including a portfolio/demo-reel with their application. Some have produced this portfolio through their studies at college or university while others have simply studied and practiced in their own time.

Alternatively we are also open to applications from people interested in joining our production teams. Again we don’t require a specific qualification but we would be looking for a demonstrable interest in the production of creative media – whether that’s experience as a receptionist or personal assistant, volunteering or work experience in an agency, architecture firm, on a film set, TV studio etc. or attendance at industry events and conferences – you need to show us that you’re passionate about what we do!

What do you look for in a Runner application?

If you are considering applying to be a Runner at Framestore then you will need to:

  • Be hugely passionate and enthusiastic about a career in creating digital images
  • Be super switched on and able to deal with any problem that might come your way (how to carry a life-size plaster dinosaur head anyone?!)
  • Give 110% to the job and be prepared to spend a lot of time pounding the corridors/pavements – this is definitely not a job for a couch potato
  • Get tasks completed for people before they even knew they needed it doing
  • Strive to be the best Framestore team there is
  • Be genuinely fascinated by people and able to talk professionally and positively to anyone and everyone
  • Have a fabulous sense of humour!

Will I be able to progress?

Working as a Runner at Framestore gives you the opportunity to see how the whole studio operates and gives both you and us the opportunity to work out your strengths and to find a role that will suit you moving forward.

It is important to us that our Runners have the opportunity to build a career at Framestore and we have a long history of Runners moving up in the company. In fact, several of our senior management team including our Director of Visual Effects started here as Runners!

In addition to your Runner duties you will be enrolled onto our Runner Development Programme. The programme takes the following format:

  • An initial two week trial to give you a taster of the job
  • A maximum 12 month contract (normally 2 x 6 month contracts) with a minimum of three shifts (24 hours) per week. Runner shifts cover a full 7 day week
  • The opportunity to be seconded to other departments in the business for up to 3 months at a time
  • Access to online training resources and departmental overview talks/sessions
  • Within Integrated Advertising the entry routes are flexible and could include production, visual effects, design, VR and many others

Runners working on a more ad hoc basis e.g. weekend Runners, holiday Runners etc. will not be included in the Runner development programme.

Sam Osborne, Runner on secondment to Paint and Roto

I’m personally a big fan of Elon Musk, so when I was given a secondment to work on Mars I was over the moon (I’m ashamed of myself for that joke)! I never thought that even as a runner you’d get frequent opportunities to work on a such a diverse range of projects, which is definitely the best way to learn new skills too.

Christian Baker, Runner on secondment to Paint and Roto

During the space of a few weeks I have had the opportunity to work as a paint and roto artist for everything from car commercials to projects set on Mars. One of my favourite tasks so far has been working on a shot from the Mars project. I have seen that pursuing a career in compositing is going to be very rewarding and also great fun and that working at Framestore will develop my skills but also provide opportunities to work on incredible projects.

Noah Enhus, Runner on secondment to Framestore Pictures

I really enjoyed working on the set of The Great Director with Chris Waitt. Working as a PA in Pictures has helped me think on my feet as well as teaching me the groundwork of the basic administrative workflows and programmes required in production.

Can I afford to be a Runner?

All of our Runners are paid the UK Living Wage.

How do I apply and what happens next?

Please make sure that you complete our online application form if you would like to register your interest in running opportunities with Framestore.

Once we start recruiting you will be contacted by a member of our recruitment team either to let you know that you have been unsuccessful at this time or that we would like to invite you to attend an interview with us.

Interviews at Framestore are very informal and we won’t expect you to sit any kind of test or try and put you off or be intimidating! We want you to show us the best you and will encourage you to tell us about your previous experience/studies and to really demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for our industry. Normally you will meet with a member of our facilities team in addition to someone from our production or crewing teams. Make sure you arrive a little early, dress comfortably (no suits required!) and have some questions prepared to ask us – this is your opportunity to find out more about us too remember! Normally we will follow up with you within a couple of days of your interview to let you know whether we would like you to join the team.

If you have any other questions about becoming a Runner at Framestore then please don’t hesitate to contact our recruitment team:

[email protected] [[email protected]]

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