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Alaraby Television Network job in
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Head Of Creative – Alaraby Television Network – North West London

Alaraby Television Network job in North West London

  • Full Time

Alaraby Television Network

North West London


Broadcasting from its headquarters in London, Alaraby Television Network has a broad range of programme content, varying from news to entertainment. Although broadcasting from London; we have bureaus in the Middle east and worldwide.
Alaraby TV Network follows the strict media and editorial standards that are observed internationally of balance, objectively, precision and accountability in all the information it presents, and deep and precise analysis for the viewer. We aim to be a medium for entertainment, arts and creativity.
As well as a very competitive salary Alaraby Television Network also provides an excellent private medical and dental coverage, pension and annual leave.

  • Job: Head Of Creative
  • Number of Positions: x 1
  • Location: London
  • Salary: £70,000 – £100,000
  • Advert Start date: 03/06/2019

The main purpose of the Head of Creative is to manage the areas and departments within creative department and making sure it is delivered on time with maximum quality.

Primary Tasks:

  • Establish scope of Creative department through strategic business drivers
  • Managing all areas of creative department including graphics, design, promotions and creative software IT etc.
  • Manage and coach the graphics, Web , and design teams
  • Lead the evaluation and design of creative solutions
  • Design, develop and deliver the overall processes of how work moves through the creative department
  • Managing departmental budgets and costs associated with them;
  • Deliver monthly reports against measures and standards for department
  • Communicating effectively with members of the team and other senior management across departments;
  • Keeping up to date with changes in media technology by building and maintaining a network of contacts and keeping up to date with new systems and techniques.
  • Develop and evaluate comprehensive plans to satisfy present and future needs of the channel in relation to its needs in animation, media graphics and promo’s
  • Responsible for the manpower planning, recruitment and training requirements for the creative department
  • Developing and using awareness of best practice in health and safety for the workplace;

Essential Skills:

  • Solid understanding of new technologies and their implementation in a creative department environment.
  • Extensive IT knowledge in relation to the tools, techniques and programmes
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems quickly and effectively
  • Effective communication skills and good interpersonal skills
  • Good organizational skills and the ability to function effectively with tight deadlines and in high-pressure situations
  • Ability to manage people who work under pressure in a live news environment
  • Ability to work with senior Management across other departments and understand their needs in relation to the running of the creative department
  • Good knowledge of suppliers and options available and future developments

Qualification& Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or Masters Qualification in a media related or specialist subject.
  • Strong Industry experience as a production manager.
  • 7 -10 years of experience in the broadcast production field
  • Fluent in Arabic Language.
  • In depth knowledge of Arabic broadcast industry.

Application closing date: 03/07/2019. [Read more]


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