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Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

Do It Creative |Ltd job in
London E4 at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs

Conformist/VFX Producer/Color grade – Do It Creative |Ltd – London E4

Company: Do It Creative |Ltd

Location: London E4

  • Full Time

Do It Creative |Ltd

London E4

Full-time, Permanent

As a Conformist, you should be able to handle the footage and Edit list files, copy into our servers, check size of files, and then start conforming the final edit in either Baselight or DaVinci resolve, All clips need to match the final Edit and all opticals needs to be checked. it’s your responsibility to locate the VFX clips if it hasn’t been provided on a different Edit liste file.
once the task of conforming is finished, then it is important to take all the scans out for the VFX team, this will happen by following the pipeline created for each project, and by respecting the workflow.
As a VFX Producer, you need to ensure that all scans are exported in the format approved by the VFX supervisor, and a VFX list is made, to keep track of each and every file.
as soon as you finish taking the scans out, the next step is to Color grade the project, under the guidance of either the director, or DOP. and in the same time, you will be placing all the vex render in the grading timeline, grading all the reels, and making sure that you have all the elements to render the final print of the projects.
once the final copy is approved by the client, you will be in charge of creating the final DCP ( for movies, trailers ) in the corrects format and make it ready for delivery.

Job Tasks :

  • taking care of the dailies, and transcoding them into a native format that will be used in the final edit.
  • controlling the files received, and storing the master Hard drives till the return date
  • copying the footage into the correct server.
  • conforming the project, by using EDLs, AAFs or XMLs, and a video reference. and making the project ready for Grading.
  • reporting any missing files to clients.
  • taking out all VFX scans and make them ready for VFX team
  • creating VFX lists for each project, and keep track of the progress of clips (using Shotgun , or Excel )
  • Provide plates or any other references for VFX team.
  • working on the beginning and end credits when needed.
  • Responsibility for the successful production and management of VFX and digital projects
  • Responsibility of identifying all the VFX needed in the project, understanding the needs of the director, DOP, Editor, and VFX supervisor, and schedule the delivery of it.
  • Bid work with the Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Development of new client relationships and successfully maintaining existing relationships
  • Managing and tracking cost efficiency of individual projects
  • Plan and schedule facility resources with the Visual Effects Supervisor and Facility Resource Manager to create an effective approach to the visual effects work
  • Ensure the progression of work to the client’s satisfaction
  • Report the progress of work to client on a weekly basis
  • Plan the day to day work of their production team
  • Ensure all facility departments are aware of the production’s requirements, for example disk space and rendering
  • color grading the project under the guidance of the client.
  • assembling Color grade, VFX, Sound , subtitles, and any graphic element needed to get a final version of the project.
  • Getting the delivery done within the deadlines.

Requirement :

  • 10 years experience in post production.
  • Fluent in Arabic, french and English.
  • Extensive experience in Editing/VFX/Digital knowledge essential.
  • Must be able to work independently and communicate effectively in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to build up rapport and strong relationships with clients and staff.
  • Understanding of all the camera raw files, and how to handle each type of them, example Arri raw, MXF, DNG etc;
  • Attention to detail and constantly looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies within a business environment
  • Proficient user of resources management tools and Excel
  • Proactivity and ability to demonstrate a concern for quality
  • Be familiar with Linux and Mac system.
  • Understanding colour and how to use it to enhance a story, appreciate the psychological effect of colour, have a good eye, know what look fits the style of the drama
  • understand how best to get the creative look from the raw camera negative
  • Be aware of the requirement for the BBFC certification and India CC
  • Be aware of the whole process of making a film or TV drama
  • Adept at using colour editing software, such as Baselight or Davinci Studio, keep up-to-date with software developments and know the best tools for the job
  • work with tiny changes in colour and tone, keep attending to detail when under pressure
  • Being able to manage different kind of servers ( Linux, windows, Cloud )
  • Experienced with all kind of deliveries, from tape to digital files, and DCP.

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