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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Atticus Finch Ltd job in
London (East), London (Greater) at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs

Atticus Finch Ltd: Producer

Company: Atticus Finch Ltd

Address: London (East), London (Greater)

  • Full Time

Atticus Finch Ltd

Atticus Finch is recruiting for a Producer.

This is an on-going position with a minimum 12-month contract (with 3-month probationary period)

Closing Date for Applications: We are looking to fill this vacancy immediately. Interviews will commence from September 1st.

This is a permanent position and the ideal candidate must have a passion for video and the creative industries, with strong organisational and multitasking skills. Working in a small studio, they must be a strong team player, able to get involved in all elements of production with a hands-on approach and patient temperament.

The role comprises supporting the Managing Director with all aspects of production and day to day running of the studio.

Responsibilities will include:

Production Tasks

Working closely with the Managing Director, the Producer will assist in all projects from pre-production to final delivery, including:

  • Keeping track of freelancers’ bookings
  • Managing freelancers and internal processes effectively
  • Ensuring a smooth production process
  • Acting as the main liaison with contacts at all levels, including suppliers and clients
  • Management of clients and work over email is a key aspect of the role
  • Coordinating travel and shoot logistics (international and domestic)
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Preparing briefs and meeting notes
  • Overseeing the production schedule, shooting locations, script updates and expenses
  • Budgeting and providing quotes for each project 
  • Identifying and preparing for project risks
  • Supporting the script process from brief to pitch delivery

Administrative tasks

  • Extensive diary management
  • Gatekeeper/ first point of contact for clients/freelancers
  • Support with general studio administration tasks
  • Keeping track of archived and live projects

Mandatory Skills/Requirements

  • Strong skills in leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and working under pressure
  • Excellent ability to collaborate with and motivate colleagues across the production process
  • Organised, process driven and with a special attention to detail
  • A hands-on, positive, calm attitude, with a drive to motivate team members and develop their abilities
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Previous experience within the creative industry and understanding of filmmaking processes
  • Excellent administrative experience with Mac systems, Microsoft Office programs and Photoshop, with a good understanding of finance and negotiation 
  • Qualifications in and an understanding of the relevant health and safety laws and procedures, most recently in light of COVID
  • Project management experience, including day to day task management and delegation 
  • Proven ability to prioritise a heavy workload, taking ownership of tasks whilst supporting others
  • Editing experience in Premiere would be ideal but is not essential

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, please send your CV, a cover letter and work examples to [email protected]

About us:

Atticus Finch is a creative production company specialised in producing a wide range of content, including TV commercials, brand communications, corporate films, music videos, and 2D and 3D animations.

We have a flexible, hands-on approach and are experienced in working both with agencies and directly for clients.

We have been creating innovative content for over ten years, combining visual & narrative creativity to produce engaging and rich experiences for our clients.

We are currently based in a small but very friendly studio in Hoxton.

Case Study for Role

A brief comes in from a long-standing client on email. The producer should assess the brief in conjunction with the managing director. A cost estimate should be drafted for the client, as this will be their first request. This should be done by checking the job requirements against similar jobs completed in the past, particularly for this client, to ensure our cost projection is accurate and consistent. 

Once this has been agreed between the managing director and producer, the producer should send this quote to the client, and await a response. Some amount of negotiation may be needed. 

After agreement on the cost, we can begin. As the producer, you would set a meeting with the team internally to discuss the job and assign responsibilities. 

Assuming this is a piece of animation work, we would look to ascertain the style, and from there think about a suitable freelancer to work on the job. We have various steady freelancers who do most of our work, though occasionally as it gets busier we will need to access our extended network. When we have made a decision about who might be suitable, the producer will contact the necessary talent and pencil dates. 

If the video requires voiceover, the producer will get in touch with our talent agents and sound studio, to get together talent options for client selection and begin pencilling potential dates. 

Each stage of creative development is done in conjunction with the client’s approval, so they will feedback on talent, music, creative development (i.e. storyboards, visual tables, style frames). 

In the process of creative development you would work closely with the creative developer and managing director to develop and feedback on the creative process, before approaching the client with the output. 

The client should be supplied with storyboards/music/talent options, and all client input should pass through the producer, and be communicated effectively to the relevant parties. 

With creative development complete, and a script/storyboard/music/talent signed off (though of course at times, you won’t have all of this, it will be more dynamic), you will brief the talent, our chosen animator/graphics artist. 

This is a critical part of the role, to be able to effectively communicate the agreed brief, and take the input and questions of our artists and answer them correctly. Here initiative, executive decision-making and creative thinking are required. You will be under the direct guidance of the managing director, at times, but sometimes you will be working autonomously.

The producer will support the animators by supplying assets sourced from the client, i.e. fonts, iconography, anything necessary, and continue to assist as needed. Once a version is ready to go, or style frames, or anything that requires feedback, the producer will put it in front of the client for approval. 

Then you will handle feedback, again working closely with our artists and in house team to steer the project towards the best result. Here your ability to establish great relationships with our client’s comes in useful. If you are on great terms, this process is infinitely more straightforward. 

This project could be taking place on American time, and so awareness of incoming information during critical timing is important. For example, should the client send through information that needs to be actioned first thing the next morning, and there is something unclear in the communication which means action may be stalled, you could need to clarify immediately.

If voiceover is required, you will have booked the studio, completed a production schedule, a call sheet, and managed any details of the shoot that are required. 

During this entire process, it will be up to you to figure out what gaps there are, and where you could step forward to help the process move more efficiently. This might be a two hour phone call with the artist to figure through complex aspects of the visual deliverables. It could be purchasing the music, and popping the track into the edit. 

It is your responsibility to watch for errors at every step. This animation could be playing at a conference venue with 3000 participants. If an incorrect logo is spotted by an executive team member on the client side, this reflects terribly on us. 

When it is busy, you may have ten projects like this side by side at various stages. Managing it all, through email and in communication with every relevant stakeholder is part of the art of the job.

When all goes well, you have happy clients and the process is enjoyable. 


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