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Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Iacono Productions job in
Blue Ash, OH at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs

FREELANCER OPENINGS – Iacono Productions – Blue Ash, OH

Company: Iacono Productions

Location: Blue Ash, OH

  • Full Time

Iacono Productions

We’re updating our freelance crew list. Iacono Productions/AVI Staging is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We do large corporate events in stadiums, arenas, convention centers and ballrooms all over the continental US. We have shows in the following cities this year. Orlando, San Antonio, Chicago, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Columbus, Scottsdale, Los Angles, Houston and Cincinnati.

Graphics Op – Keynote user, best if you know PowerPoint also

Teleprompter Op – Provide your own system

Show Director Assistant Stage Managers – Must be good with C level clients

A2 – Good with micing C level clients, nonsmoker

A1 – Proficient M7 console, Nexo PAs, Insta Cue playback, employ a Galileo to combine consoles

Lighting Director – Proficiency in programming on a Grand MA

Master Electric

Spyder Op

Broadcast Pix Switch TD

Video Engineer – Proficient with Grass Valley HD cameras

Playback Pro Op – Proficient with Kipro recorders K2 Op – Proficient with instant replay, slo mo, cut quick people shows together during awards shows

Projectionist – Proficient with Christie projectors, and warp card setup

Camera Ops – Proficient with Handheld and long lens camera

Drape, Branding & Expo Hands – Set & strike techs

Breakout AV Techs

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