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Monday, December 9th, 2019

Alternative Press Magazine, Inc. (Altpress Media) job in
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Director of Art & Creative – Alternative Press Magazine, Inc. (Altpress Media) – Cleveland, OH

Company: Alternative Press Magazine, Inc. (Altpress Media)

Location: Cleveland, OH

  • Full Time

Alternative Press Magazine, Inc. (Altpress Media)

This is the job you’ve been seeking.

Become a part of the AltPress team.

AltPress Media (Alternative Press Magazine, Inc.) is now on its way to celebrating 35 years in business. Digital to Events to Print- Our company has been a leader in the discovery of the next generation of musicians and artists within the alternative community.

At our company, we encourage creative thinking and outside-the-box ideas when it comes to our branding and how we communicate its core values to its Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

About The Position-

This isn’t a standard Graphic Design position by any means. We are looking for a dynamic individual who can execute their vision through a variety of mediums- print, digital (including e-commerce) and social to video- all essential in today’s media environment.

  • *Print- You’ll be the driving force on the aesthetics and execution of creative on our legacy print title, Alternative Press Magazine. Began in 1985 as a punk fanzine, AP’s look and character has been synonymous with music discovery in the alternative community for over three generations of music fans (Gen X to Millennial to Gen Z). As we enter year 35 of existence, we’ll be excited to work with you to see how you’ll update our title’s look and feel for the modern readers of 2020.*
  • *Digital & Social- Print may be the playground but digital is where the action is and we’re looking to you to be a digital-era creative who understands how to communicate to a digital-first world. You’ll know that you only have mere seconds to grab the attention of young content consumers who have trained themselves to scan through hundreds of pieces of content and advertising per day. How do you hook them? How do you stand out? *
  • *Video- Gen Z consume most of their content through pictures and video and you should know this too. You’ll be adaptable in that you’ll be multifaceted in your creative work. You know how to work with video, edit it and have a good feel for motion graphics. We’re entering the third decade of the 21st Century and video is the new print.*

About You-

  • Let’s just start with the top four must-haves for this position-*
  • Great with Deadlines- Oh, you’re obsessive about meeting deadlines. You’re almost co-dependent on them as you can’t live without them. You don’t need to be reminded, prodded and pushed to stay on a schedule and you’re quite good at making sure your department stays on one overall. Oh, and that other departments get you the things you need when you need them (with a smile, of course.)
  • Speedy- There are two types of creative types- the first needs days to do one marketing slide and the other can pop through them within hours. It all comes down to owning a sense of confidence and having that perfectionist side of you under control- both of which not having can slow down the completion of projects tremendously. The digital world is a fast-paced environment and we’ll need you to be able to keep up. Multi-tasking is part of this job, no doubt.
  • On Top of Your Game- This job is perfect for the person who lives and communicates well in these modern times. If you do, then you’ll understand how to communicate through design, photography, and video to our consumers. You’ll be familiar with Twitter Video, Snapchat, Tik Tok and the latest versions of InDesign.
  • Organization Freak- Do you keep your digital files set up so that you can find things quickly and easily? Do you work better when your work area is not cluttered and you have a strange addiction to filing systems for all of your projects? If you do- let’s talk.
  • You have had hands-on experience designing print products (magazines, catalogs, etc). You understand the current trends in print publishing and have spent time in the magazine section at Barnes & Noble. It would also help if you’ve spent some time with a copy of Alternative Press Magazine.
  • You’re excited to collaborate with outside partners, including photographers, videographers, artists, artist managers, advertisers, and other business clients.
  • You have experience managing photoshoots (booking photographers, stylists, etc) and can negotiate rates/contracts. Do you think you can delicately talk someone who doesn’t want to do what you want into doing what you want for a photoshoot?
  • You have a strong eye for photography and can easily spot that one dynamic photo with great composition against the hundreds of mundane ones. You want photography that makes one feel something.
  • You’re an expert in Adobe Creative Suite- InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Do you work well within a team and love to be a part of idea generation sessions?
  • You should also like to be around people and dogs (we have a bulldog in the office- you’ll fall for him, trust us).

What We’re Looking For-

*Bachelor’s degree in design or related field or four or more years of work experience in media design.

*Experience as a graphic designer and/or art director/manager.

*Experience using Adobe Creative Suite.

*Print, digital, and video (preferable) post-production including editing, etc.

*Motion graphics/animation and video editing experience a plus.

*Copies or links to your design and production work.

*Please submit both cover letter and resume.

About Us-

Alternative Press’ fans see us as something so much more than just a media brand. We represent that music fan in the suburbs with the purple hair and we strive to reflect everything in their lives- from music to film/tv to social causes to tech. We’re a brand they trust and seek out to stay connected to “All Things Alternative”, as our company branding for 2020 states. We want our staff to feel that they’re making a difference in the lives of millions of young music fans worldwide and we will work to empower them with the skills to do so. We offer a competitive salary, great health benefits, matching 401K, training funds, 10 days of PTO your first year, a week at Christmas, and your birthday off.


Job Type: Full-time


  • relevant: 1 year (Preferred)

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