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Friday, February 28th, 2020 job in
Chicago, IL at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs On-Demand Content Editor – Window To The World Communications, Inc. – Chicago, IL


Location: Chicago, IL

  • Full Time

The WFMT On-Demand Content Editor will help make and its other digital platforms a destination for arts and music content in Chicago and around the country. This position is responsible for recruiting and coordinating the work of the best audio and video producers to create interesting and timely arts content primarily through podcasts and videos with an emphasis on, but not exclusively about, classical music and Chicago. They will develop and brainstorm story ideas, edit all content and will incorporate best practices for storytelling, digital audience engagement and growth, journalistic ethics, research, fact-checking and work under deadlines. They will also use best practices to develop marketing plans for the content. This is a one-year contract.


  • Identify and recruit promising audio and video producers and crews from around the country to contribute work to WFMT.
  • Commission, edit and fact-check original video pieces, including occasional timely opinion content, about classical music and the arts.
  • Coordinate video production of performances that take place in WFMT’s Levin Performance Studio.
  • Act as show runner for WFMT original podcasts and video series.
  • Research and utilize best practices for audience engagement and growth.
  • Upload content and make changes to content under the direction of WFMT staff.
  • Help evaluate effectiveness and implement new strategies for growing digital audience.
  • Administer payment and permission/release process for all freelancers in a timely manner.

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