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Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Spikeball job in
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Videographer – Spikeball – Chicago, IL

Company: Spikeball

Location: Chicago, IL

  • Full Time


We’re building the next great global sport. We need help telling the story.

Whether it’s an amazing video on Instagram or a smirk inducing email, great content is the lifeblood of the Spikeball brand. And as our business grows and evolves so must our creative team. 95% of Spikeball’s current creative needs are handled by a single person. He films, he designs, he slices and dices. He does it all well but it’s not sustainable. We have the great problem of growing too fast.

The future Spikeball design department will consist of two roles, a videographer and a graphic designer. The two roles will collaborate early and often but each will have specific specialties and responsibilities.

Main Responsibilities

  • Film and edit short form video. We have a lot going on whether it’s introducing product extensions, teaching new players, or promoting our World Championship. Short form video around all these topics helps us get the word out and tell the story.
  • Edit social media video. Someone else on the team curates our trove of User Generated Content so you’ll be responsible for taking said content from an A to A+. Add the background music so the post takes off on TikTok, zoom in on the losing player’s astonished face and add the sad trombone effect, that sort of thing.
  • Edit, and potentially film, long form content. Last year we partnered with a production company to create three 60 minute broadcasts of our top tournaments. This year we’ll test producing three more broadcasts on our own. Yes, we’ll contract out all sorts of help but Spikeball Inc will be steering the ship, not an outside company.
  • Strategery. Yes, you’ll be responsible for cranking out content but you’ll also work with the marketing team to co-write the brief and help shape our go-forward content strategy and design architecture. Want to define a brand that’s just starting to hit its stride? This is your chance.

Who we’re looking for:

  • 2-5 years of relevant experience, either as a freelancer or in a creative department
  • You’re excited about working with TONS of autonomy
  • You think that the best way of doing it right is you doing it.
  • You’re willing to travel 20% of the time, including some weekends.

Why work for Spikeball:

  • Autonomy. You are a driven, highly motivated person. You don’t need someone constantly peering over your shoulder. It’s up to you to determine how you will achieve your goals. We’ll support you as much as you want. We will get out of your way so you can do the brilliant things that we know you’re capable of.
  • Help create the next great American sport.
  • Even though we are nearly 10 years old, we are still in the early days. Your efforts will directly impact the entire business.
  • Paid vacation policy of’ take as much time as necessary’ (work really really hard and relax often) .
  • Competitive compensation with the ability for merit increases after 18 months tenure.
  • Paid time off for Birthdays (You were born.. life isn’t easy.. you deserve it! )
  • Time off during the day (Want to work out or hit a yoga class at lunch? Go for it!)
  • $500 desk and productivity allowance. (Get what you need to dress up your workspace and be productive)
  • Macbook Air or Macbook Pro.
  • Flexible work environment. After 12 months of tenure you will have the opportunity to live where you want and work remotely. (Assuming your position at the company is conducive to this work environment perk.)
  • $1,000 stipend after 12 months tenure for bucket list adventure travel.
  • Free registration to all tournaments run by Spikeball Inc.
  • $500 donation to the charity of your choice in your name at the end of each year
  • $500 yearly “continuous improvement stipend for employee education and learning opportunities
  • Extended Maternity and Paternity leave.

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