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Script Supervisor job in
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Script Supervisor Needed ASAP (Paid) (Chicago, IL & St. Charles, IL)

Script Supervisor job in Chicago

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Script Supervisor

Need a Script Supervisor for a professional short film production. Will maintain the Shots & Continuity Log and keep track of our scenes/shots, takes, and make notes on continuity or in general. Would be an integral part of the film crew, watch the scenes closely, and get to be a part of “video village”. Previous or related experience preferred but not required. The shoots are June 22-23, 29-30. All shoots are in Hyde Park, Chicago, except the 29th, which is in St. Charles, IL (we can assist with transportation if necessary). The position pays $100 total, +meals/snacks/beverages and of course IMDb credit. Film will be submitted to festivals. Must be focused, professional, dedicated. Chance to work with experienced, dedicated filmmakers in a respectful, team-oriented environment. If interested, please indicate availability on the above days (prefer someone who is fully available), and please answer the following question: How excited would you be to work on this film and why? Contact [email protected] [Read more]


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