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Sunday, January 17th, 2021

Pegasystems job in
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Video Editor – Pegasystems – Cambridge, MA

Company: Pegasystems

Address: Cambridge, MA

  • Full Time


Meet Our Team:

We’re like Ocean’s 11…but you know, there’s not 11 of us. And while we’re not staging any heists, we do find ourselves in front of some pretty large challenges. We bring a whole host of different skills to the table, and consistently find creative, unique ways to get the job done (sorry Terry Benedict).

We’re a bunch of down to earth people who are close, strong partners, and we love telling compelling stories. We are incredibly talented, and we aren’t afraid to be wrong to get to the best result.

Picture Yourself at Pega:

With a few notable exceptions, it’s clear that many brands don’t get video. Sure, they have it, but they’re really like those fellas out there who buy a Corvette, only to let it collect dust in their garage. It makes an appearance at an auto show every now and then, but it’s a checkmark. A conversation piece. It’s not doing anything for them.

At Pega, video is a finely tuned engine, driving business goals, engagement, pipeline, and supporting sales. We don’t just understand the medium, we understand where to use it, and when it works best.

What You’ll Do at Pega:

Edit, edit, edit. Oh, and some more editing.

Working with the lead editor and producers, you’ll collaborate with our team on a multitude of projects of all different sizes. These projects include product tours, event recaps, promos and ads, customer testimonials, and much, much more.

In the edit suite, you’ll have to be ready to get your hands dirty in Adobe Premiere. With a team our size, we use a series of templates and essential graphics to make sure our edits stay organized, and our brand unified. You’ll be working alongside great partners both inside and outside the team, always looking to build the strongest possible result.

In certain rare circumstances, you’ll lend hand on set. Think of it like a 3rd string quarterback- we won’t call you off the bench often.

Who You Are:

Humans can’t plug directly into Adobe Premiere yet – but that’s okay, since you’re the next closest thing. You cut with the speed and tenacity of a F1 driver, always looking for the right moments that move the story forward. You understand that editing isn’t just a process, it’s an art form, and you look to consistently build moments that pull our audiences in. You know what solid framing looks like, how to tell a story in the edit, and what audio can create exactly the right moods.

You love order and certainty in your files, folders, assets, templates, exports and more. You’re a shortcut aficionado who’s always scheming on how to work faster, smarter and sharper.

You know what phoned-in, lazy editing looks like, and you can’t stand it. You can close your eyes and imagine all the boring, out-of-touch content that’s just made to be made and doesn’t respect the time of your audience.

You know every page of the corporate video playbook- that classic, dull, soft set of rules companies think their videos need to abide by, and you want to break all of them.

What You’ve Accomplished:

  • You’ve made content that demonstrates a deep narrative literacy
  • You’ve completed projects with tight deadlines
  • You’ve incorporated feedback from stakeholders in a way that builds partnership, while keeping the content strong
  • A portfolio and reel that demonstrates a wide range of work representing multiple storytelling approaches, techniques, production challenges, and budgets.
  • A mastery in Adobe Premiere in order to complete projects quickly and efficiently
  • Strong organizational, communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and remain calm and professional in high stress situations
  • You’re a problem solver who can troubleshoot technical and editorial issues
  • You’ve shot before, and have a good understanding of how to use camera
  • You know how to tell a story with a camera, and how good images motivate story

Pega Offers You:

  • Gartner Analyst acclaimed technology leadership across our categories of products
  • Continuous learning and development opportunities
  • An innovative, inclusive, agile, flexible, and fun work environment
  • Competitive global benefits program inclusive of pay + bonus incentive, employee equity in the company
  • An opportunity to work with the latest gear, including a brand-new state of the art studio
  • Projects that are creatively stimulating, artistically involved, and atypical of most corporate video operations

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