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Sunday, August 18th, 2019

TV Pilot job in
Burlington at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs

Seeking Director of Photography/Cinematographer/Camera Operator/DP (Burlington, VT (housing provided if necessary))

Company: TV Pilot

Location: Burlington

TV Pilot


TV Pilot
Synopsis: A bullied high-school student, wakes up to discover she has telekinetic powers and a psychic link to an unidentified/unconscious girl found in a near by field….

Produced by: Two-Time Emmy-Winner Denis O’Brien
Written/Directed by: Jack Skyyler & Alex Zinzopoulos
Previous TV Pilot:

Seeking: Cinematographer with Camera
(Camera must be capable of filming at at least 60 fps in 4k (96fps and/or 6k preferred), something on the level of a Red Epic Dragon or Alexa Mini; don’t bother responding with a Canon 5D…)

Compensation: $400.oo/day
Shoot Dates: August 13th-23rd (10 day, Sunday off)

Location: Burlington, VT
(Production will provide housing if necessary.)

(please note if you are local or can work as a local.)