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Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Finish Post job in
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Post Production Intern | Summer 2020 – Finish Post – Boston, MA

Company: Finish Post

Location: Boston, MA

  • Internship

Finish Post

Finish Post is Boston’s premiere post-production facility. We offer offline editing on Final Cut Pro and Avid, compositing, graphics, and color correction. Our artists work on numerous regional and national advertising campaigns, as well as independent films.

During our four month internship program, interns experience the workflow and dynamics of a professional post house. They witness the interaction between artists and clients and learn how the entire post-production process unfolds. Interns observe client sessions, as well as unsupervised sessions with artists.

Finish hosts an Intern Trailer Competition every semester. All interns are expected to use this opportunity to work with and learn from our editors, as well as showcase their work. Interns are given 200 clips from 20 different films, and asked to create a 1.5-2 minute long trailer using clips from at least 5 films. They will be encouraged to make their own movie titles, create visual effects, and include their own music and sounds. Each competitor’s trailer is scored on effectiveness & clarity, complexity of the editing, and originality & creativity.

Interns are given up to three months to edit the trailer. During those months, the intern will attend two mandatory sessions with our assistant editor: one meeting to screen their rough cut and explain the creative direction for the trailer, and another to show the near-complete cut and receive feedback before the final deadline. These meetings are set up for the intern to personally experience the client-editor relationship, so they can learn to work with constructive criticism and create the product the client desires.

Interns learn the importance of client services. Finish is dedicated to catering to clients’ needs. This means keeping them comfortable, happy, and continuing to bring work back to us. Interns must assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the office, running various errands, and fulfilling client requests.

Interns are expected to maintain an upbeat attitude, an eagerness to learn, and a desire to develop relationships with the staff members. We encourage our interns to come in for 2 or more 5 hour shifts in order to gain as much exposure as they can during this internship. The overall goal is for the intern to feel comfortable in the workplace, to gain a well rounded understanding of how the post-production process works, and to make contacts with the staff.

All applications MUST go through

Qualifications: Passion for post production/ film/ digital arts. Great attitude, responsible, eager to learn.

Required Documents: Please send us a resume, cover letter, schedule of availability, and demo reel or work samples.

Start Date: 5/11/20

End Date: 8/21/20

Job Type: Internship

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