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Associate Producer -Internship- – Interlock Media – Cambridge, MA

Interlock Media job in Cambridge, MA

  • Internship

Interlock Media

Interlock Media

Cambridge, MA 02141

Interlock Media, Inc. is an activist film company producing independent works on environmental challenges.

We are seeking a high-energy and effective Associate Producerwith excellent leadership and project management skills. We currently have two world-class documentaries in production, as well as a series of multichannel shorts. As AP you will participate in: research, crew and studio coordination, scheduling post-production, fundraising and the production of digital promotions and publicity.


The opportunity requires prior film production and post production experience. Excellent communication skills and a proactive attitude are ideal. Applicants should possess the ability to work independently and take initiative in a resource-limited environment.

Schedule : Minimum of 25 hr/wk, full time (40 hr/wk) preferred

Compensation : Unpaid internship. Off-duty professionals welcome. Students can recieve college credit.

Location : Convenient to public transportation (Kendall Square area)

Job Type : Internship; non-profit.

Interlock Media a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting environmental and social change through the film, video, and radio mediums. Its mission is to support informed empowerment at the grassroots and community level by producing educational mediaworks; by carrying media techniques and technologies to the community level; and guaranteeing that production is an inclusive and diversified process. Our productions are historical, musical, artistic, and contemporary.

Job Type: Internship [Read more]


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