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Friday, November 15th, 2019

Newchip job in
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Video Production Intern – Newchip – Austin, TX

Company: Newchip

Location: Austin, TX

  • Full Time


We’re looking for the crazy ones that want to change the world. If you’re just looking for a job, this isn’t for you.

About Newchip:

Newchip is an investment aggregator and search engine for alternative investments such as Reg CF, Reg A+, and Reg D 506(c) that allows comparison of investments into startups across multiple industries. Think Kayak or Priceline for investments. We connect our users to investments based on their interest, preferences, and goals.

Our Mission:

Entrepreneurism is the #1 global factor for improving social mobility, creating jobs, improving access to education and healthcare. Our mission is to change the world by connecting entrepreneurs around the world with the capital they deserve to make their dreams come true and, most importantly, provide returns for their investors.

Industry Background:

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was passed on April 5th 2012, as bipartisan support of entrepreneurship and small business growth. It is designed to encourage small business and startup funding by easing federal regulations and allowing individuals of many different economic backgrounds, to become investors. As impact goes, it was one of the largest changes to the business financing environment in over 75 years.

Since the passing of the JOBS Act, new marketplaces have opened up that act as the Broker Dealer, or funding platform. These marketplaces are some of the most important online equity creators for startups and small business owners, as they act as the means by which accredited and non-accredited investors alike, invest in startups and small businesses that need capital to grow out their business, operations, or product.

Market Size:

According to Crowdnetic, a crowdfunding and marketplace lending researcher, more than 6,000 U.S. companies have raised a total of nearly $1.4 billion in investor capital using these mediums since 2013. These numbers do tell: the JOBS Act opened up dried up capital for American dreamers and is allowing the crowd to decide which ideas work and which don’t.

We’re at the precipice of a major global change in how people invest, how they interact with financial institutions, and manage their money. The U.S. industry alone is projected to have a global market cap of one hundred billion dollars by 2025. Newchip is perfectly positioned to gain a large piece of the market and we’re building a team to go all the way with us to achieve it.

Newchip video introduction:

JOBS Act SEC website:

About you…

  • You have experience producing and editing videos
  • You have a passion for startups, technology, and production
  • You are detail-oriented, creative, and can work on ambiguous tasks
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • You are knowledgeable about using video editing software (ie, Adobe Premier, etc.)
  • You understand the ins and outs of cameras, lights, sound, and other fundamental production gear
  • You are outgoing and can talk to just about anyone

About Our Internships

Intern positions are available immediately and typically last 3 – 4 months. We are accepting interns who can devote at minimum 20 hours per week but prefer 40 hours. We are flexible with schedules but interns may not work remotely. Our primary goal for our interns is education and the potential for new hires. We accept internships in the Fall, Spring, and Summer, but reserve the right to forego classes due to structural priorities.

Role Overview:

As a Video Production Intern, you will be responsible for helping the Producer create, edit, release video content for Newchip and its separate business functions: Accelerator, Reg CF Platform, Co-Working Space. You will also collaborate with our marketing and content team to understand the underlying needs and priorities for new content production. The ideal candidate will have meaningful exposure to video production and a passion for creating high quality content that is both engaging and compelling for our targeted audiences.

Video represents a substantial component of our content strategy, thus this role requires a clear understanding of Newchip’s objectives and most importantly a passion to learn and be involved in various production processes from both a strategic and execution standpoint. To be successful in this role, you should have extensive knowledge in video production and editing software.

You will help with…

  • Envisioning new video content ideas
  • Planning out weekly production schedule
  • Coordinating film schedule with relevant speakers
  • Keeping production studio organized
  • Editing assigned footage on timely basis
  • Assisting with content management


  • Your primary focus will be around ideating, producing, and editing video content for our Accelerator program, including
  • You will always be learning. One of your biggest challenges will be how to create a portfolio of new video content for our Accelerator curriculum in addition to gather and creating testimonial videos for alumni participants. You will also help ideate and execute on social media video content initiatives.
  • You will help out on other related duties to meet the ongoing needs of Newchip, some of which we don’t know about yet, and some of which you will help to define.
  • A bachelor’s degree in film, video production, and or any education related to this field, (graduated or graduating in the next 12-24 months)
  • Ambitious and flexible, prepared to frequently step out of your comfort zone, work hard to deliver the team’s goals, and have a desire to create a positive, happy work environment.
  • A strong drive and the ability to self-direct, especially on multiple projects at any one time. Our work and time is open-ended by nature and you must be able to identify and execute on opportunities to contribute to the team with little, if any, management or direction
  • Personable, engaging and able to build relationships quickly and easily.
  • Able to research, assimilate and communicate complex ideas clearly and succinctly in writing and verbally. You will see the big picture, and you’ll sweat the tiniest details.
  • Have had exposure to the video production world via school, internships, or paid work
  • Limitless curiosity about video production, editing, and content management
  • Passion for high quality work and the ability to relentlessly pursue continuous improvement
  • Interest in pursuing personal and professional growth by learning new principles
  • Familiarity with Adobe Premiere, Vimeo, and other key video production tools
  • Have been an assistant or played a support role at a previous organization
  • Passionate about working in the Austin startup scene and helping companies succeed.
  • Organized and plan ahead, but you don’t get stressed out when things change at the last minute. Because they will. You roll with it.
  • Write things down. You document your process and maintain records so that if you got hit by a bus we’ll be very sad but still able to continue operating.
  • Are professional and presentable and greet everyone cheerfully.
  • Have a reliable laptop computer and smartphone.
  • Are security aware. You have a passcode on your computer and phone and use a password manager.
  • Comfortable with the Google Apps suite of products. You’re eager to learn about new tools and ways to be more productive.
  • Don’t gossip and have discretion.
  • Have a cover letter and resume that demonstrates strong attention to detail and appreciation for a polished product.
  • Starting pay of $15-$17 per hour up to 20 hours per week depending on level of experience
  • Competitive paid time off (vacation, sick days, and public holidays)
  • Potential for full time hire with industry competitive salary + equity stock options
  • Regularly planned team outings and company events
  • Opportunity to make a meaningful impact in a revolutionary space

To apply, please also include a link to your online portfolio or reel.

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