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Monday, September 21st, 2020

Weinstein Properties job in
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Secondary Systems Manager – Weinstein Properties – Austin, TX

Company: Weinstein Properties

Address: Austin, TX

  • Full Time

Weinstein Properties

Secondary Systems Manager

Weinstein Properties is looking for an experienced low voltage systems integrator to handle multiple projects of various sizes across our entire portfolio. The Secondary Systems Manager shall specify, manage, and troubleshoot low voltage and secondary systems, as well as provide training for our on-site leasing and maintenance teams.

Location – This position can be located in any of our regions where we currently operate: VA, Richmond or Newport News/Hampton, NC – Charlotte or Raleigh, TX – Dallas/Fort Worth or Austin. Travel required.


  • Oversight and Direction of system contractors on all production projects, integrating systems such as Life Safety & Security, Access Control, CCTV, Intercom, Professional Audio, Fitness, etc. Providing project management and operational support.
  • Respond to product requests and trouble calls from Property Teams for secondary systems, analyze requests, evaluate alternatives, troubleshoot and recommend a course of action.
  • For all projects, the Secondary Systems Manager will oversee, tender, and coordinate installations, repairs, replacements, and preventative maintenance activities for all major building low voltage and secondary systems. They will manage all systems and activities to ensure they are completed in a consistent, thorough, and cost effective manner, while maintaining the schedule.
  • Creating standard operating procedures for preventative maintenance and developing strategies for implementing and installing specialized security, surveillance cameras, access control, and door hardware.
  • Researches and evaluates current and future secondary system technologies. Evaluates and implements necessary adjustments to secondary systems. Recommends changes or updates in hardware, documentation, and training to address secondary system deficiencies and user needs.
  • Collaborate and provide support for Construction Group, IT Group, and Property Teams related to building repairs and improvements as may be required, including technical expertise and support for repairs and replacements undertaken at the properties.
  • Develop vendor selection relationships, processes, and recommendations; find new vendors, products and ideas for cost reduction or performance improvements.
  • Seek timely resolution of project, work, and worker matters.
  • Be responsible for daily administration of their projects.
  • Process invoices.
  • Work each day to assure:

o That work adheres to the established scope and quality.
o Resolution of work and worker related issues.
o Communications and information flow to the Director of Asset Management, Construction Program Director, Regional Property Director, Property Manager, and Property Maintenance Supervisor.
o That work is conducted to the standards of the Weinstein Properties’ Mission Statement and Shared Values.


  • Fitness Equipment
  • Fitness on demand systems
  • Keep current systems active with software/firmware updates
  • Suggest and specify new fitness on demand systems to install in current clubhouse
  • Specify TVs and system requirements for the
  • Train Property Teams on the operation of systems.
  • Life Fitness cardio system connectivity
  • Ordering of cable services and coordination of correct boxes for IPTV
  • Work with specs for new cardio equipment TV media
  • Understand, repair, train on current IP fitness equipment
  • Video Systems
  • DVR or NVR system- maintain current systems and specify new systems we should be using, determine where videos are kept. (local or cloud base)
  • One-off camera installation for amenities away from clubhouse, what is the best product that will work well in each scenario
  • Develop spec for license plate cameras at gates and communities
  • Work to install and maintain DVR’s at shop spaces
  • Power for secondary systems–what backups are necessary
  • Access Control Systems
  • Access control card programming system training when teams are moved around
  • Development of best access control system for us to follow
  • Audio Systems
  • Confirm best audio system to protect licensing fees
  • Determine speaker selection and locations for clubhouse and amenities
  • Alarm and monitoring systems
  • Clubhouse and shop alarm systems including zones for tv’s and computers
  • Pool phones systems
  • Fire alarm panel connectivity (hardwire or cellular)
  • Elevator phones
  • Television
  • Ordering of new TVs and installation, inputs on TVs for Chromecast in Apple TV
  • Ordering replacement TVs for ones that have stopped working or been stolen
  • Ordering and installation mounts and cables for TVs
  • Develop new standards and program for TV purchases
  • Smart Home Technologies
  • Smart device management of current systems
  • Smart device research–what system should be using, what is out there that we should be using, what can we handle maintaining
  • Develop new standards for electric locks
  • Clubhouse and Community Systems
  • Clubhouse amenities have proper access, signage, and training of the team on connecting
  • Conference room TVs with video interface for conferencing
  • Key systems training and review of systems at purchase
  • Water meter transponders and antennas confirm operation and system management
  • Development of long-term strategies and maintenance plan.
  • Editing work requirements for standards and adding of new systems
  • Keep as built floorplans of current systems and locations for each property
  • Train Property Teams and how to work each system
  • Work with construction group to make plans for each space prior to renovations of Clubhouses
  • Cable and data contract management
  • Review fiber, cable, telephone agreements and confirm they are accurate with each property
  • Oversee project for the installation of fiber and cable in our
  • General
  • Assist with pre-installation opportunities by designing and planning technical
  • Installs firmware updates and coordinates with developer or manufacturer to resolve problems
  • Ensure fire and life safety procedures, manuals, and systems are maintained in accordance with code requirements
  • Aid in the due diligence for property acquisition efforts and development of new properties
  • Remain current and up to date with industry best practices and new technologies

Weinstein Properties is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Online Application:

Job Type: Full-time


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Employee discount
  • Flexible spending account
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Referral program
  • Retirement plan
  • Vision insurance


  • Monday to Friday

Benefit Conditions:

  • Waiting period may apply

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