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Secret Powers job in
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Motion Graphics Designer – Secret Powers – Austin, TX

Secret Powers job in Austin, TX

  • Full Time

Secret Powers

About You

You are an experienced designer who loves to make things move. You’ve worked in post-production for most of your career, creating motion graphics, editing and maybe some VFX / 3D. You are versatile, curious and tenacious- happiest when you’re handling multiple projects, exploring new animation techniques and pushing beyond well-tread design territory. You have good taste but you’re a good animator because you’ve worked hard and developed your instincts. You’re not afraid to chase the unicorn but you also know when it’s time to embalm the leprechaun. If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat about joining our tight-knit band of creative heroes.

About The Position

Motion design is a key strength for Secret Powers. We create motion graphics and VFX for brands and agencies in the form of trailers, TV spots, social ads, app previews and more. In this full-time Motion Graphics Designer position, we see you first as a visual storyteller – called upon to develop concepts and design visual styles in collaboration with our creative team. Then as we move into animation, you’re responsible for where the conceptual rubber meets the keyframed road: summoning core design knowledge and animation ability to conjure a visually compelling end result.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Excellent motion reel

  • 3-5 years in motion design, title design and/or motion graphics (studio, agency or freelance).

  • Expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, especially After Effects (we’d love to talk about your favorite plug-ins and expressions) and Adobe Premiere.

  • Intermediate knowledge of Trapcode suite of plugins and Video Copilot’s Element 3D

  • Strong post-production / VFX skills such as compositing, tracking, keying and rotoscoping

  • Strong conceptual skills; you’re comfortable generating great ideas in a collaborative environment and have the skills to execute your ideas to completion

  • Demonstrate a studied eye for composition, color and typography

  • Positive, team-first attitude. You create goodness around you, strengthening and encouraging your peers as you help to drive projects to success

  • Comfortable working solo and collaboratively with a remote-based team (we live in Slack, screen share and audio / video chat)

  • The flexibility and willingness to work as needed to ensure project delivery across multiple timezones (PST, CST, EST)

Responsibilities Include:

  • Create motion content for a variety of broadcast and digital video platforms, including video game trailers, social media ads, main title designs and other graphics packages

  • Design and animate for a digital / mobile-optimized world, considering multiple aspect ratios and sizes (portrait, landscape, square, etc)

  • Develop and communicate ideas in the form of sketches, storyboards and style frames

  • Collaborate in concert with the art director, editor and producer to ensure the big picture stays in focus amongst the keyframes

  • Work with diverse types of video footage, including mobile and console video game capture, 3D cinematics and live action

  • Manage, revise and adapt digital assets, including client-provided brand and in-game graphic assets

  • Oversee your work through the post-production process, ensuring accuracy both editorially and technically in consideration of those pesky, ever-changing technical specifications.

Preferred Bonus Powers:

  • Experience with Cinema 4D

  • Experience in the video game industry

  • Can draw well enough to occasionally win at Pictionary

About Secret Powers

Secret Powers is a creative studio + production collective specializing in digital video content for brands and agencies. We believe in the power of small, multi-disciplinary teams to create concentrated goodness for our clients. Most often, you’ll find us working with video game publishers, developers, marketers and other fine folks who love the stuff we love.

Our staff often says the positive, relational culture at Secret Powers feels like a small family. We believe we’re strongest when every member of the family is healthy, happy and growing. That’s why we offer competitive salaries, health benefits, guilt-free time off and an “actual life-first” approach to getting work done. Although we are concentrated in Austin and Fort Worth, TX, our team works in five different cities across two time zones. We live by a lot of the principles found in “Remote” by Jason Fried / 37 Signals and have found this approach makes us that much more agile and valuable to our clients in today’s digital world. You can work from any geographic location as long as you have a fast internet connection, solid workstation and are as available for voice / face chat as you’d be if you had a desk at a shared space. Because we are a remote-based team, we are very intentional about connecting in person regularly, with company meetups and retreats throughout the year. Equal Opportunity Employer.

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