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Friday, November 15th, 2019

Roost & Root job in
Dripping Springs, TX at - Crew Gigs - Film Jobs - TV Jobs

Media Manager / Videographer / Photographer – Roost & Root – Dripping Springs, TX

Company: Roost & Root

Location: Dripping Springs, TX

  • Full Time

Roost & Root

Job Description

Invest in a great future for yourself… Looking for a rare individual who would be willing to contribute their considerable talents to a company that is trying to grow to the next level, has great potential, provides great people to work for/with, and is also deeply tied to social causes as part of its daily life. We don’t want to be someone’s “gig”. This is a full-time job for a committed team player.

In a short time, the job can grow into something really special for the right, committed person. The best candidates will be…

  • Experienced and professional
  • Creative
  • Disciplined
  • Part graphics artist
  • Part photographer
  • Part videographer
  • Part video editor
  • Know social media well
  • Know branding
  • Know web site design and ui/ux concepts
  • Be reliable and mature
  • Good spelling & grammar
  • Be able to work well with seasoned business owners and peers
  • Be able to pass a background check for violent offenses
  • Willing to grow with company (please read more below)

We have equipment and don’t expect this person to contribute theirs.

Your responsibilities would include…

This person would be highly involved in the creation of, responsible for the execution of, management of and production of any and all aspects of all multi-media related to the businesses branding, advertising and social efforts as required to grow the business and the company’s “non-profits”. The major responsibilities of the position would be in “professional terms” related to:

  • Web site(s) graphic design and maintenance (look and feel, not programming)
  • Public relations activities
  • Magazine ads and placements
  • Social media platforms (including YouTube)
  • Video & Photo social content
  • Other photo, video and graphic media as required such as product shoots

This is a management level position that would start out with modest pay for the first 6 months ($3,000 monthly) but then quickly ramp up to the upper end of the pay scale offering ($5,000 monthly)… by the end of the first year. We would expect that after a year of employment that this person would also participate in generous performance bonus pools that the company has a history of offering.

In the near term of around 3 years, it is expected that the pay for this position could double which would be more consistent with the considerable talent and business acumen that the ownership expects this position will require.

Company Narrative

Endure Products, LLC does commercial business as Urban Coop Company™ and has grown to just under $2MM in annual sales in the urban backyard chicken coop space between 2014 and 2019. It is a local domestic manufacturer and plans to continue to make its own products. It wants to grow more and faster. It feels its growth is slowing and is too constrained by the backyard coop market space it occupies and domestically dominates.

Urban Coop Company has been featured in national media such as The Wall Street Journal, on NPR’s How I Built This and Discovery’s Destination America channel. The company is currently working with producers at Animal Planet to pilot a show chronicling the growth and operations of the company… sort of a Duck Dynasty kind of format.

The company is going through a rebranding and product expansion phase to become Roost & Root™ and transform itself into more of a backyard farming lifestyle company. It will initially launch with its chicken coops, premium quality dog beds, gardening planters, and luxury climate-controlled dog kennels. We expect this model to stimulate 25% + year over year sales growth and improve current margins over the next 5 years… which would put Roost & Root in the neighborhood of a $7MM+ revenue company by 2025.

We have about a 10,000 ft2 facility on a residence ranch in Dripping Springs TX where we build our chicken coops and plan to make all of the things that Roost & Root™ will sell.

We strongly believe in Made in the USA whenever possible and like to sell “direct to consumer” (no Amazon or the like) and have a desire to wean ourselves from reliance on PPC advertising at giants like Google & Facebook.

Why the Roost & Root™ strategy?

  • We want a broader selection of products to sell to the more than 300,000 + annual site visitors than just chicken coops…
  • That leverages the existing urban coop company successes and market space and customer profile…
  • Allows us to more cost effectively leverage our advertising spend by not only offering a single product category…
  • Lends itself to “social marketing”… what management feels is the critical part of its future success. By social marketing, it is meant that we will become our own self-sufficient “social media influencers” by using company ownership in online media as the “face” of Roost & Root…. and for us to skillfully and deliberately leverage our customers into being “brand ambassadors” for our products in their own social media world.

The company and ownership are also deeply committed to mission work in Haiti running several highly interwoven non-profits related to funding K-12 schools ( ) and has plans to possibly launch a “Social Causes” coffee company called Haiti Joe™ placing further needs in this media/marketing area.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 /month


  • relevant: 5 years (Required)

Additional Compensation:

  • Bonuses

Work Location:

  • One location


  • Paid time off
  • Flexible schedule


  • Monday to Friday
  • No weekends
  • Day shift
  • 8 hour shift
  • 10 hour shift

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