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Friday, November 15th, 2019

Avant-Youth, LLC job in
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Editorial Intern – Avant-Youth, LLC – Atlanta, GA

Company: Avant-Youth, LLC

Location: Atlanta, GA

  • Full Time

Avant-Youth, LLC

Editorial Assistant/Intern

Job Description:

Avant-Youth is a multimedia lifestyle newsmagazine for Atlanta’s youth, seeking an Editorial Assistant/Intern for our sections to round out our editing team. The Editorial Assistant/Intern will help plan, prepare and execute our content curation that produce the digital stories that align with our values. Competitive candidates love editing and creating things they can call their own and are obsessed with storytelling and people.

Stronger candidates will have a mix of editorial, creative and writing skills. Candidates should understand how to tailor content, optimize it for different platforms, build and maintain a network of sources, while bringing perspective and context into their end product: Your creation. The ideal candidate is also adept at planning and executing special stories, assigning and editing fast-paced news regardless of subject matter, while recruiting and guiding his or her junior team. The Editorial Assistant/Intern is also responsible for finding ways to repackage content for a digital, social media audience.

The Editorial Assistant/Intern works with other departments to ensure the excellence and integrity of our material, and will often partake in other cross-departmental activities.

Since this is a new-ish venture, candidates should be flexible, extremely adaptable, driven and ambitious, willing to try new things and pivot when necessary. The role starts unpaid, is flexible (you’ll be able to fit your schedule around other commitments), and could lead to a paid position down the road.



  • Avant-Youth’s LIVING section is dedicated to covering topics relevant to the local Atlanta community. Topics may include a mix of wellness and health, work/life balance, fitness, relationships (of all kinds; friends, family, male and female), and sex. It covers societal topics of relevance like politics, race, social justice, or local announcements from schools or other such organizations that participate with youths. This section can also include coverage on local events that are either hosted by, or catered to, Atlanta youths as well as developments in law that are of interest to the intended audience.


  • Avant-Youth’s BUSINESS section is dedicated to covering business and related topics of relevance to the youths in Atlanta’s local community, whether it be money (personal finance, credit cards, debts, etc.), finance, or the economy. This section can also include coverage on local business openings or closings, or feature stories on young entrepreneurship.


  • Avant-Youth’s ENTERTAINMENT section is dedicated to covering entertainment and other related topics to the youths in Atlanta’s local community, whether it be culture & arts, TV & Film, or Media. Topics do not necessarily have to be Atlanta-based in nature, and may include interviews with local and national interests, reviews of Atlanta-area concerts and plays, film and music reviews, pop culture analyses, restaurant and travel reviews, fashion and beauty product reviews, and games (e.g., crossword puzzles).


  • Avant-Youth’s THOUGHTS section is dedicated to covering young people’s opinions on relevant issues to the local Atlanta community. Topics may include a mix of campus, Atlanta-based, national, global, political, or pop culture subjects. It features a monthly op-ed from the editorial board, as well.


  • Conceive, assign, edit and produce content unique to your section, feature profiles and other stories.
  • Pitch budget stories and email them to respective content creating teams. Source and coordinate with interns to produce stories and other content.
  • Edit incoming stories from content creators for clarity, context, accuracy, grammar and spelling, formatting, and ensuring consistency with company guidelines and standards.
  • Participate in and attend weekly senior team meetings for brainstorms with content strategy and storyboards.
  • Report to Editor-in-Chief on your weekly budgets and content creation.
  • Oversee your section’s content creation, production, and assist senior editors as needed.
  • Coordinate with Social Media Manager on content to be featured (teasers, scheduling, etc.). Curate, format and repurpose content for digital.
  • Work with Production Manager on monthly production shoots.


  • Minimum of 1-2 years reporting and/or editing experience in print or online; experience managing editorial projects.
  • Some managerial or leadership experience.
  • Impeccable writing and editing skills, attention to detail.
  • You are well-versed in copyright law and understand fully why that’s so important.
  • You know the difference between journalism and promotion, and excel at both.
  • Social media background–an understanding of what resonates with youths in the Atlanta community
  • Willing to go above and beyond for Avant-Youth’s mission


  • Collaborative, able and driven to collaborate, yet independent
  • Curious
  • Passionate
  • Analytical, a problem solver
  • Proactive go-getter
  • Solid editor, stickler for detail
  • Able to get and stay organized
  • Able to manage several projects at once
  • Creative planner
  • Familiarity with AP Style

Senior Member Application

In five sentences, who are you?

What makes you a strong candidate for Avant-Youth? What can you bring to the table?

Why are you interested in working with Avant-Youth?

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