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Valentina Caniglia – Director of Photography

[email protected]

I have a technical and creative experience for long time as a Producer, Director Of Photography and Camera Operator.
I have worked as a producer through huge connection with camera, lighting, vendors, locations in many different levels of production skills making always great deal.
I am also an award winning Cinematographer who recently received a nomination for best cinematography from AIC – IMAGO (International Federation of Cinematographers). My work can be seen on my website to view my reel and individual clips for narratives, commercials, music videos, documentaries.

My professional knowledge includes producing and organizing but also operating with cameras from all videos to all film formats working for more than a decade with different lighting techniques in New York, Los Angeles and around the globe.

I am a very experienced and an hard worker producer and cinematographer who always likes to collaborate with the director and everybody to create a teamwork with him/her, the crew, other producers and the cast to help and to better serve the director's vision for story of any kind of projects.

Having being a multitask and a problem solving Director of Photography for many Feature films, Commercials, TV series, Music Videos, Documentaries and varies projects, I developed a creative and a practical approach to face any situation in a short amount of time for new ideas that strongly adjust to any kind of budgets and needs.

  • Award winning Director Of Photography, Camera Operator and Producer

Valentina Caniglia

Working Location(s): Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City

Contact: Valentina Caniglia moc.l1511481384iamg@1511481384pdail1511481384ginac1511481384anitn1511481384elav1511481384

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