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UPDATED HOURLY | Friday, September 22nd, 2017 | CALLING ALL CREW

Rich Hobbs – Location Scout / Mgr

Rich Hobbs – NY / NJ Location Scout Mgr | experienced | reliable | driver license | passport


Pre-Season 3 Research Location Scout @ USA Networks / MR. ROBOT (tv)

Location Scout – BILLIONS – Possible Productions – Showtime (Pilot + 12 Ep S2)

Location Scout Netflix – 13 Reasons Why – Paramount TV (Research Scout)

Location Scout CBS / PERSON OF INTEREST – Bonanza Prod (11 episodes – tv)

Location Scout Mercedes Benz – Staud / Planet PrePro (print / video)

Location Scout HBO / Young Pope – Dir Paolo Sorrentino (pilot – tv miniseries)

Location Scout Wiener-Dog – Dir Todd Solondz – Annapurna / Killer Films (feature)

Location Manager Lowe’s Father’s Day – BBDO / Hsubox (commercial)

Location Manager Capital One MasterCard Chip Card – Vivid Lime UK / GeniusMonkeys (commercial)

Location Scout USA / Royal Pains / BMW – Wee Beastie (joint marketing spot)

Location Scout IT – New Line (2015 remake / book by Stephen King (feature)

Location Scout Ted 2 – Universal / Bluegrass Films / Fuzzy Door (feature)

Location Scout ShopKeep – Love – Arise Pictures, LLC …cloud-based iPad point of sale system… (commercial)

Location Scout FX / Louie S4 / S5 – Pig Newton (5 Episodes – tv)

Location Scout Showtime / Nurse Jackie S7 – Nurse Productions (4 episodes – tv)

Series Location Manager A&E / Dead Again – Left/Right (tv – 9 episodes)

Location Scout Trace Adkins – K Barlowe / MergeLeft (tour publicity photography)

Series Location Scout Discovery ID / Mansions & Murders (6 episodes – Bray Ent)

…less recently

Staff 1st Photo Assistant, Office / Studio Manager, Producer, Tom Contrino Photography (TCP), a busy NYC area advertising fashion commercial photo studio. Job description also entailed extensive travel and destination production. I moved from the South Florida market to the NYC area to work for TCP. Worked with TCP full-time for (6) years. Tom also worked as a tv commercial Director during this time and we produced a director's reel in Miami Beach. Tom and I still maintain a working business relationship.

  • Key Asst Location Mgr / Google / industrial video
  • Location Scout / Mr. Robot (USA) TV (pre-S3 research scouting)
  • Location Scout / BILLIONS (Showtime) TV (S2 Staff Scout / 12 episodes)
  • Location Scout / 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) (Pilot NY research scout)
  • Location Scout / PERSON OF INTEREST (S5 Staff Scout / 11 episodes)

R. Richard Hobbs @ IMDb

Working Location(s): New Jersey, New York City

Contact: Rich Hobbs moc.l1506074208iamg@1506074208snoit1506074208acol.1506074208sbboh1506074208rr1506074208

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