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Michael Reynolds – Script supervisor

Script supervisor with two years of experience in New Orleans I have returned to New York to work on more commercial and feature projects.

I also have experience directing and have found the process of script supervising to be invaluable insight in how to correctly set up and shoot a sequence, collecting all the necessary shots to accurately and efficiently cut a scene together. This is reinforced by my experience as an editor which showed me how to cut a scene with precise continuity through blocking, lighting, and prop placement, and as a camera assistant; writing camera, SFX, and CGI reports.

Script supervisor "Bad River Shark" Feature
Script supervisor "River Runs Red" Feature
Camera Operator "Behind Blue Eyes" Short

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Working Location(s): New Orleans, New York City

Contact: Michael Reynolds moc.l1506073633iamg@1506073633325sd1506073633lon1506073633

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