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Bryan Delgado – Audio Engineer

[email protected]

I graduated from Mercy College in New York. My major was Music Industry & Technology. I have academic training in microphone placement, audio engineering, music theory, and audio for video/audio post-production. I am also currently studying piano, vocal techniques, composing and audio software in private lessons at GuavaJamm Entertainment. I worked in other internships operating audio using different types of digital audio workstations in Harbor Picture Company, I troubleshoot Audio/Video system, Assist with Inventory, Peripherals, System Builds and Research on Technology. Also I help maintain common spaces in the facility.

At Looplabs, I Assisted in the editing, management, and archival of musical content, Managing metadata and Editorial also assisted the management team with office duties, Contributing knowledge of music production and/or DJ techniques and culture, and also staff support for local events. Furthermore I’m currently doing roadie work for Dennis Bell and Lynette Washington Jazz band. My duties vary from microphone, wire and instrument placement, I also help my coworkers with the live sound, I do the video recording and the sales of CDs. I am very interested in offering my skills to the music and audio community because those are my passions, my objective is to gain additional experience throughout any position to help my career as a music composer and an audio engineer. I believe that I would be a great addition to any innovative company. I am committed to working hard being cooperative, respectful, positive, professional, original and improve myself in any role that may be offered to me.

Crew Roll Production Name Type of Production
Composer Good Bye to All That Intern Project
SFX, Foley and Mixing Assistant The Box School Project
Composer, SFX, Foley and Mixing Assistant Anabelle School Project

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Working Location(s): New York City

Contact: Bryan DelgadoAudio Engineer moc.l1511481987oa@671511481987xnayr1511481987b1511481987

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