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Alex Ramsey – Editor

[email protected]

Alex Ramsey is a commercial editor and film director born in Seattle, trained in Hollywood and based in Brooklyn. His work includes projects for Bloomberg, the Democratic Party, Sensodyne, Coca Cola, Dirty Birds Records and more. He has worked with commercial agencies such as HAVAS, OMD, .Mic and AKQA. He is known to be a very quick but diligent editor and conscientious collaborator. He tries to consume as much food, art and film as possible but if forced to pick one, he’d pick food.

  • Editor – Sensodyne True White – Commercial
  • Editor – Citrix “How The Future Works” – Bloomberg Media Commercial
  • Editor – Democratic Attorneys General Web Campaign


Working Location(s): New York City

Contact: Alex Ramsey moc.y1511481061txiso1511481061tevif1511481061@xela1511481061

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