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How to Get Experience in the Film Industry

By Amber Sherman

So, you decided you want to work in the film industry, what now, right? How do you get experience to even start working in the film industry? Well, you don’t need film school to work in this industry. I go over what you can do in order to gain the experience to get your career going.

I know it is very hard figuring out what to do once you’ve decided “Hey, I wanna work in film!” There are so many positions, crafts, and departments it can be hard to fathom how it all works, and then picturing yourself in it. Well, you can so, don’t think you can’t. Everyone started somewhere! Always remember that!

Now, this is for the people who have zero experience. I mean nothing. Either still in school, just out of school, never worked in the industry ever, or maybe you’re switching careers. Or who knows maybe you took the wrong route and just need to start over. Maybe you relocated and are starting again in a new city. These all apply to what I suggest doing.

Everyone always says “How do I get experience, if the person hiring wants me to have experience and its only a PA position?” I can tell you and they are very simple things that you can do in any city.

This is to get the experience to get to the bigger sets, paid sets, then union eventually!

Everyone has different situations and one of these methods may work for you. I tell a few of my stories with my experience, and mention my friends’ stories who have gotten jobs in the industry as well. Everyone has their “start” story, and they’re all different.

Watch my video below to learn what you can do to gain experience to get into the Film Industry.

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1 comment on How to Get Experience in the Film Industry

  1. Hi Amber. Love what you are doing here, keep up the good work. I agree with a lot of what you mentioned, it seems common sense but if you want something bad enough you have to take the initiative and act on it. I also agree its like the catch 22 adage, how does one acquire experience if they don’t have any to begin with? Or you need a car to work but you need to be working to have a car if you don’t already have a car that is. Everyone starts somewhere and having a chance or a shot by someone who sees something in you like talent or skills certainly helps.

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