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Saturday, January 16th, 2021



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We created NYC Film Crew after growing weary of posting ads on websites that weren’t specifically targeted to production people. We’ve been around over a decade and now serve twenty cities!

We also created Film Crew Database which is dedicated to promoting crew members. Create your FilmCrew Database profile and keep your credits up-to-date! Looking for crew? Remember to check out the crew members in your city who have posted their crew profiles on


Where TV & Film Pros Look for Work

TV and film people. We’re cut from a different cloth than the nine-to-fivers, and it’s not just because it’s more often a 6 am to 2 am work day.

The people working on have all worked in and continue to work in TV, film production, and digital media. We get it.

ClapboardIt’s about finding work in the industry and finding the talent to make dreams reality. More often than not, those searches happen in one sitting on one day so we decided to create a site that reflected our reality.

This industry is bigger and more exciting than ever before…with so many new entry points. You’re going to find jobs from every facet of media throughout the entire content production process in film, television, print, radio, and online media. Whether you’re in school looking for that first internship or looking for that next cool project, our website is where more and more of you are coming to find the right fit for your amazingly diverse set of skills. On the flip side, you’re going to find the most creative people around because that’s who use nycfilmcrew to find work.

producer director chairsOur industry creates employers fast. The old paradigm of employee and employer are blurred for us. Our visitors are an interesting mix of both employee and employer. One day you’re looking for work, the next you’re looking for crew. We created nycfilmcrew after becoming frustrated with the options to both find great work and find great crew. Locating creative work across an ever-widening field required a site focused enough on production yet smart enough to understand the scope of our skills. When we need to crew up for projects, we grew weary of posting ads on websites that weren’t specifically targeted to production people. Your search is our search.

If you’re looking for work, don’t forget keep your credits up-to-date. To that end, we created Film Crew Database to promote crew. Join FilmCrew Database and create your profile.

film tv studioWe’re all striving to make our dreams come true in a highly competitive environment. We rely on our contacts and our good name and we find hope for our own aspirations hearing the trials and breakthroughs of our contemporaries. When you find the work that truly inspires and feeds your creativity, there’s nothing better.

If you’ve been returning to us regularly, thank you for making our sites your go-to to find the crew you trust and the work you love. If you’ve just now learned that there’s a better alternative to finding and posting production work, we hope you enjoy your stay enough to recommend us to your peers.

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